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Organizational behaviour involves studying and application of knowledge on how groups, team leaders, managers, groups and individuals act in an organization. This takes a systematic approach of leadership that interprets people-organization relationship (Judith Wilson 2009). …
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Organizational Behaviour Leadership
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Download file to see previous pages This is studied in terms of whole organization, whole group, whole person and finally the whole social system. The focus of leadership in the context of organizational behavior is to establish better relationships within the organization by achieving organizational objectives, social objectives and human activities. It is notable that the organizational base has its core pillars resting on its management philosophy, goals, objectives, vision and values. Organizational culture arises from this comprising of formal organization, informal and its underlying social environment (Judith Wilson 2009). This aspect of organizational culture determines the model of leadership, dynamics within the organization, coordination and communication. The organizational employees take this into consideration as the quality work of life and determine to a greater extent their motivation. The final outcome of these underlying elements of organization behavior leadership determines the organizational performance, personal growth and stakeholder’s satisfaction (Wilson 2011). This can be argued to form the basis to establish appropriate framework or model that an organization operates. VLEADER PRACTICE AND REFLECTION In the context of organization behavior and leadership there is various situations arising attributed to interactions among managers, subordinates, groups and individuals in workplace. ...
In this scenario the effective leadership style can be participative or delegate, given the contingencies to consider the following steps can be followed. Enhance engagement This will encourage Oli participate fully during the meeting feeling free to raise ideas. Despite the higher level of engagement it is important to retain the final say over the decision making process. The person engaged to feels motivated and becomes more creative. Tension strategy This step during the first meeting ensures that Oli is given a room to think of new ideas and challenging him to ensure that the work is done. Ideas that are relaxing is introduced and focused on. Oli should be offered the highest level of participation and encouragement to contribute more ideas in the meeting. Idea strategy This step is essential ensuring that one on one meeting and the manager’s intent is achieved. This step also ensures that Oli uncover the hidden ideas about the organization whereby right ideas are focused on. Work strategy It is important to focus on the critical work that enhances motivation by introducing ideas that motivates the subordinate. This can be achieved by suggesting order as well as introducing ideas and concluding with ideas that will facilitate motivation. The key major point under this attributed to this interaction includes enhancement of problem solving. As a manager leadership role is retained in making informed decisions considering subordinates input and enhanced consultation. This approach fosters successful handling of risks encouraging employees to contribute ideas steadily (Thach 2009). Understanding is enhanced whereby workplace energy and enthusiasm essential for solving complex organizational problems. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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