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Creative Problem Solving - Essay Example

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Creativity in persons manifests itself as a pattern of individual characteristics that define creative functioning which includes consultations, brainstorming and willingness to break rules and create new ones. In this survey, creative styles in management will be diagnosed its…
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Creative Problem Solving
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Extract of sample "Creative Problem Solving"

Creative Style Assessment Survey Creativity in persons manifests itself as a pattern of individual characteristics that define creative functioning which includes consultations, brainstorming and willingness to break rules and create new ones. In this survey, creative styles in management will be diagnosed its concepts or theories interpreted and the result critically examined.
The journal involves scoring from four categories of employees. A percentage of 100 are divided among the four alternatives based on their creativity to problem solution. For instance A involves the employees who face challenges positively and prefer dealing with them head on. They are much more creative and would solve issues on their own. Category B of employees involves the individuals who face challenges and fairly offer solutions to these challenges. They always involve their fellow employees who they perceive could be having more experiences and expertise than them in finding solutions to their issues. They are less independent and rely on external solutions to some extent. Category C and D employees are hardly different exhibit almost similar characteristics as far as provision of solutions to their challenges. They have a habit of avoiding the challenges altogether. They would rather not face the challenges; instead they leave them to other stakeholders in the system.
They always employees approach challenges:
_____50____ A. Facing the challenges head-on and provide ultimate solutions.
___30______ B. Face the problems but also engage other individuals and colleagues in finding the solutions to challenges.
____10_____ C. Assume other challenges and pretend as though nothing wrong has occurred in the system. They tend to be less concern and seem to expect others to be responsible in solving the challenges.
____10____D. They avoid the problems altogether and event attempt to be away from duty during the times of challenges.
Category A will have 50 percent, B have 30 percent while C and D 10 percent each or any other combination. The total percentage of performance of category A, B, C and D add up to 100 percent.
The results indicate that half of all the employees have the capacity to face the challenges and provide solutions on their own. Thirty percent face the issues that come before them but would rather engage other individuals in the solving of these problems. Twenty percent of these individuals would either assume the challenges or avoid them completely.
The paper under study is ‘conceptualizing assessment for employee performance in terms of problem solution’ and what the strategic managers think about this trend. In the recent past, there has been an increased number of strategic managers that have relied on this assessment style as a creative way to evaluating a larger number of employees as compared to the old style of evaluation. An analytical study conducted reveals that the growth of creative management practices has been captivated by the adoption of other systems of management.
The result of the diagnostic survey provided an accurate assessment of my creative style. The manner of categorizing the various individuals has had atleast a representative in every group.
Creative skills can be improved through the training to expand the ways of categorizing the various events and groups upon which studies are being undertaken. Interacting with other individuals helps to learn other skills and aspects that would be essential pin enhancing creativity.
Works cited:
David A Whetten & Kim S Cameron. Developing Management Skills, Prentice Hall India, 2010. Print. Read More
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