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Of a scholary published creative problem solving process - Research Paper Example

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Topic: Research paper of a scholarly published creative problem-solving process Design groups face unique challenges in conceptualizing creative ideas and presenting them to clients in stages during the production process and “creative problem-solving” techniques can facilitate this, making office and workplace operations much more efficient…
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Research paper of a scholary published creative problem solving process
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Download file to see previous pages Large corporations and small businesses can use creative problem-solving methods to re-think old approaches to production and build new approaches. The important aspect of creative problem-solving is that it encourages individuals to share their ideas with a workgroup, and that it recognizes the need of managers to facilitate this popularly in the office or work environment to foster change and improvement in operations. Without management trained in creative problem-solving and seeking to develop intra-office communication through knowledge-sharing, there is unlikely to be any new development or change in the way day-to- day operations in a business are conducted. From this and practical experience in the field, it is evident that creative problem-solving is most effective in business groups or industries which need to innovate to survive or have a competitive advantage over other similar businesses, for these situations require an awareness of the challenges of the industry placed continually to the forefront in order to keep vibrancy and dynamism in the workplace ongoing. In the first case study referenced, Vidal, Mulet, & Gomez-Senent (2004) discuss the “Effectiveness of the Means of Expression in Creative Problem-solving in Design Groups” based on this important need to challenge work groups to innovate and come up with new ideas for advertising-related careers. The first part of effective management is to knowing clearly the requirements of the job, and for a project manager in publishing or software development, this extends to knowing the requirements of every person’s job as well as communicating to the employees precisely what their responsibilities are in the workplace. However, the case has been made by industry insiders with years of practical management experience in advertising, media, and publishing, that creative campaign projects such as those found in design, magazine and television publishing require a unique management strategy that is different from that of industrial activity or scientific research. Creative problem-solving approaches the ground of every business and communication problem as unique to the work environment and community engaged. Through this, the discipline can work with the management team and staff on premises to build an improved flow of communication that encourages workers in sharing ideas between each other in order to stimulate a more dynamic, creative process in the office. While it is easily understandable that disciplines such as design and publishing have their own unique need for creativity in the workforce, creative problem-solving as a management technique can be implemented in innumerable situations across all sectors of business and industry. The essential quality of creative problem-solving is that it frees up communication between individuals in channels that had not been previously open, welcome, or understood. In the example of the R. L. Reid study, “Creative Problem-solving Speeds Illinois Tollway Work” (2006), the management technique can even be put into effect in bridging the communication problems that separate workers from the public at large. The reason for this is that creative problem-solving as a management technique operates on the actual terms of the question or problem at hand, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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