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Principles of Time and Stress Management - Case Study Example

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This study looks into Chet violated the rules of managing work overload that causes him problems with time management. As indicated in the by Whetten and Cameron, “time is usually the greatest source of stress for managers”. Chet is exposed to various amounts and degrees of stressors ranging from time…
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Principles of Time and Stress Management
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Extract of sample "Principles of Time and Stress Management"

Based on the facts presented in this case do you think that there are organizational (structural) problems contributing to Chet’s level of stress? This means that 16 different personnel, with diverse responsibilities, could report to him directly. Therefore, to manage stress using time management, Chet must recommend to higher management that the organizational structure be re-evaluated and redesigned so that stressors could be eliminated or minimized, as needed. As recommended in Whetton and Cameron’s management strategies for eliminating stressors (Table 2.3) through delegating responsibilities, collaboration and team building, work redesign and goal setting, the stress level of Chet would be appropriately managed. 3) Based on the material in this chapter and in chapter 1, discuss any personal characteristics that you believe may interfere with Chet’s productivity and contribute to his level of stress. Based on developing self-awareness, Chet could manifest high levels of task motivation where he exemplified the desire to accomplish the defined open-end unit schedule but his persistence and productivity levels do not adhere to his defined objectives and goals. The inability to achieve these goals thereby contributes to his level of stress, in conjunction to his awareness that there needs to be a balance between time spent for his family and also to pursue leisure activities for his personal and professional growth. 4) Based on the case and your assessment of Chet’s personality, how would you advise Chet? What strategies/tools, and concepts from the chapter would you suggest to him to increase his effectiveness and lower his stress as a manager. Based on the case and on one’s assessment of Chet’s personality, one would advise Chet to recommend to management a redesign of the organizational structure so that the person to report directly to him would be reduced and categorized according to human resources, inventory management, night operations and press group management. By delegating tasks and appointing authorized and competent personnel to do the routine decision making, Chet would be left to do the creative and innovative thinking on projects that would further improve processes and procedures within the Central Plant. As indicated in the management strategies for eliminating stressors, Chet should apply effective and efficient time management through delegation of responsibilities and conformity to schedules; encourage teamwork and collaboration between functions; redesign the organizational chart and structure; and be more explicit and clear in goal setting and adhere to the time frames set to accomplish the defined goals. Read More
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