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Organisational Forms Best Suited to Develop Innovations - Essay Example

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This paper "Organisational Forms Best Suited to Develop Innovations" focuses on the fact that in examining the historical evolution of organisations, we are faced with interesting trends. First, organisational forms emerged in waves, and second, others remained applicable to the present situation. …
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Organisational Forms Best Suited to Develop Innovations
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Extract of sample "Organisational Forms Best Suited to Develop Innovations"

Download file to see previous pages Organisational forms are dependent on the resources and technology available in a given situation. Other factors include the state’s resources and role, the development of the economy, political development, technological advancement, and similar other forces. The emergence of organisational forms also depends on three factors: 1.) technological advancement with a corresponding social structural support; 2.) power and wealth available in a given situation; and 3.) the development of labour markets. (Aldrich, 2008, p. 177)
This essay will discuss the aspects and factors of organisational forms that are best suited to innovations. Innovation takes place when there is a “new element or a combination of old elements” (Schumpeter, 1934 cited in Sundbo, 2003, p. 98).
Globalisation paved the way for new organisational forms. This was further enhanced with the popularity of the internet, information technology, and the information revolution. Many organisations have followed the horizontal set-up, freeing some reins of power to their branches and subsidiaries, while some have followed the traditional form or the vertical set up, micro-managing their branches through technology.
Organisations have to continuously introduce innovations in this age of intense globalisation. Changes and innovations have to be applied on marketing strategies, product orientation, HRM practices, and many other organisational strategies. Employees have to be prepared, trained, and developed. Some strategies are institutionally programmed although change has to be spontaneous. Workers have to study and learn and hold the opportunity for lifelong learning.
Companies attain competitive edge through constant innovation. The first periods of the new century marked profound shifts in the organisation’s strategies with aims for talents, technologies, and customer focus and loyalty (Venkatraman and Henderson, 2008, p. 258). Organisations keep constant contact with customers, looking for ways to satisfy their needs and wants.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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