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Manipulation of Micro-Structures and Mechanical Properties - Essay Example

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The essay "Manipulation of Micro-Structures and Mechanical Properties" states that the Manipulation of mechanical properties and micro-structures of metals, ceramics, and polymers involve the introduction and control of phase boundaries and grain boundaries. …
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Manipulation of Micro-Structures and Mechanical Properties
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Extract of sample "Manipulation of Micro-Structures and Mechanical Properties"

This technique makes the metal soft, and it can be cut and shaped more easily. For example, mild steel is usually heated to a red heat, after which it is allowed to cool slowly. Other metals like aluminum melt when heated to high temperatures. Therefore, care must be taken when annealing them. Annealed metals can be changed to any shape and size, and then allowed to cool slowly into their hard status (Groover, 2010 p57).
Ceramic Nanotechnology
Nanotechnology is the process of engineering functional systems at the molecular scale usually at the Subatomic level (American Ceramic Society, 2009 p123). It usually deals with structures of 100 nanometers or less. Its main purpose is to make materials cleaner, lighter and more précised. Ceramics is one of the areas where nanotechnology has led to the production of a wide array of materials with distinct performance and property. Nanoceramics exist in solid form ranging in the size of nanometers (10-9) to micrometers (10-6). A Large number of particles provide a large surface area that can be held together by Nanokote to give stronger, lightweight, brittle and thermal resistance ceramics (American Ceramic Society, 2009 p134).
Mould Manipulation Technique
Mould manipulation of polymers can help in overcoming mechanical and aesthetic weaknesses that are associated with the standard injection molding (Rudd & Long, 1997 p98). This can involve improving bulk properties like weld lines or manipulating orientation morphology enhancement. In this process, experimental outcomes of a rotating pin at the weld line of glass and talc-filled polypropylene are introduced (Rudd & Long, 1997 p98). Talc filled material ensures that pin rotation speed does not exceed 100 rotation per minute, and this enhances polymer strength. Glass filled material also enhances strength significantly, but not as compare to talc-filled material. Mould Manipulation technique also introduces the chances of producing other functional molding and polarity manipulation, usually in paint development (Rudd & Long, 1997 p99). Read More
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(Manipulation of Micro-Structures and Mechanical Properties Essay)
Manipulation of Micro-Structures and Mechanical Properties Essay.
“Manipulation of Micro-Structures and Mechanical Properties Essay”, n.d.
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