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Short Case Study - Essay Example

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Root analysis is defined as structured investigation which is meant for the purpose of identifying the cause of a problem, in an attempt, to find permanent solution. It is difficult to identify a permanent solution; therefore, it takes an analysis of the possible causes to come…
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Short Case Study
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Extract of sample "Short Case Study"

Root analysis Root analysis is defined as structured investigation which is meant for the purpose of identifying the cause of a problem, in an attempt, to find permanent solution. It is difficult to identify a permanent solution; therefore, it takes an analysis of the possible causes to come up with a solution. In this context, it is important to separate causes of the problems from the symptoms or masking factors. Generally, the analysis determines what happened, why it occurred and how to solve the problem permanently.
In this case, the ceiling had some tiny leaking points which did not cause any alarm at the first place. The ceiling also had wet patches which is a sign of poor maintenance. The ceiling condition was questionable since it has been intact for several years since its installation. Possible causes of the incident can be generalized to give countless reasons. They may include; poor quality of ceiling material, poor maintenance, poor roofing and ceiling installation and the negligence of the symptoms and risks caused by the ceiling conditions. Since root analysis is a team work option, the senior members of the organization would not have known until the leaking incident in the boardroom. The staffs at large carry the responsibility of good working conditions on their shoulder.
To avoid future incidences, the replacement of the ceiling is highly recommended. To keep the risk at bay, replacement of all old ceiling in the organization should also be done. Since the boardroom is an activity filled room, maintenance will have it fixed as the replacement preparations are structured to avoid any inconveniences. To resolve a crisis or to attain an objective, one does not require the knowledge to all the solutions in advance, but you have to have an apparent idea of the crisis or the objective you want to attain (Hammon, Keeney & Raiffa, pp.42).
Works cited
Hammon, Keeney, R. and Raiffa, Howard. Smart Choices: A practical guide to making a better life decisions. New York: Broadway Books, 2002. Read More
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Short Case Study Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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