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: Dollar General - Today''s Neighborhood Store - Case Study Example

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In this respect, the retail chain faces many and different forces in the business setting. Political or legal forces constitute a critical factor in the success of any given…
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Case study: Dollar General - Todays Neighborhood Store
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Extract of sample ": Dollar General - Today''s Neighborhood Store"

Download file to see previous pages Competition in the retail industry denotes compliance with antitrust laws. The Dollar General case notes the presence of other players such as Family Dollar and Dollar Tree in the market. Relevant legal provisions promote fairness in business, an aspect that would control Dollar General from becoming a monopoly in the United States amid its growth and expansion from time to time.
Another important political or legal force is corporate social responsibility. Over and above providing discounted products to the retail market, Dollar General is not immune to corporate social responsibility practices. In essence, the discount retailer operates on the notion of improving people’s quality of life, especially the middle and lower income individuals. In addition, this company has a responsibility towards its workforce. This is evident through the fact that it has had several lawsuits to deal with in regards to employment disputes. Such lawsuits show that the company has a legal responsibility to employees, customers, or the society in general.
Away from the political or legal factors, social forces are also influential as far as Dollar General is concerned. This discount retailer operates in an environment where social stratification is evident. Different people have different purchasing powers. On the same note, income levels vary from one individual to another. These factors are critical to account for as far as Dollar General’s business is concerned. The idea is that different consumer segments need differentiated modes of approach.
The social force dictates that Dollar General has to stock what consumers either want or need. This is because consumer tastes, preferences, and interests vary from one person to another. In light of this observation, Dollar General offers different categories of products, among them: consumables, apparel, seasonal ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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