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The Role of Recreational Literacy in the Knowledge Acquisition of a Hotel Manager - Essay Example

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This paper "The Role of Recreational Literacy in the Knowledge Acquisition of a Hotel Manager" focuses on the concept of recreational literacy that has strongly affected and influenced the various components of our society. In the past, it was normal for information to come from a credible source. …
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The Role of Recreational Literacy in the Knowledge Acquisition of a Hotel Manager
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Extract of sample "The Role of Recreational Literacy in the Knowledge Acquisition of a Hotel Manager"

Download file to see previous pages The average person has so many options to choose for in terms of upgrading his knowledge about specific events that are relevant to his or her life.
Due to this, literacy is not restricted only to the traditional classroom learning or the supervisory systems where institutions controlled the flow of information to different parts of the society. This the existence of recreational literacy as an alternative source of enlightenment has affected different units of the society including the hotel industry.
Recreational literacy is defined by Mackey as “engagements with texts of all kinds that are undertaken entirely for their own sake, for the pleasure of the engagement and not for any utilitarian outcome” (2007 6). Thus it refers to reading and update of information by individuals without a view of getting a qualification or some recognition from it.
The whole idea of idea of recreational literacy refers to the acquisition of knowledge by self-motivated individuals mainly through unconscious efforts. This influences the way an individual thinks, although it might not be in a very structured system. Due to the unconsciousness and the gradualist system, recreational literacy affects the way people think and perceive organizations. Due to this, recreational literacy affects the way a hotel manager goes about his/her work.
Since I desire to become a hotel manager, I will examine the literacy practices of the hotel management industry and attempt to find out the rate at which recreational literacy has had an influence on the sector. In effect, the paper will examine how recreational literacies are currently transforming learning and communication in hotel management.
The paper will proceed by first examining the concept of recreational literacy into greater depth. It will go on to examine the main literacy structures in the hotel management industry. From there, it will explain how the hotel industry is being changed by recreational literacies by interviewing a resource person who has first-hand knowledge of these trends in the industry.     ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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