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Communication, language and Literacy - Essay Example

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It is the duty of each and every educational professional to work in partnership with parents to get ready their children to become performing…
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Communication, language and Literacy
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Extract of sample "Communication, language and Literacy"

Download file to see previous pages Analysis reveals that oracy was a term coined by Andrew Wilkinson in the 1990s. Oracy is comparatively a new innovation in the educational field that enables the children to empower their listening and spoken interaction. It provides children with a lot of opportunities to train the ear and accustom themselves to new and familiar sounds in the language and make them aware that their learning is very significant and enable them to aim a bright future by laying a good educational foundation. It gradually makes children respond to sound patterns through songs, rhymes and stories. They recognize words and phrases and gradually engage in simple conversations (Oracy, Using the KS2 Framework). As oracy has been regarded as an effective medium assuring healthy education, educational researchers have identified its real value in literacy and implemented different methods to improve the educational standard of the children. This is an attempt to explore whether oracy with literacy can bring notable changes in educational field. In order to make it clear, the researcher goes through the stories of the popular writers like Katie Morag and so on.
It is very clear and generally accepted fact that the two processes, that is, language for learning and language for thinking are overtly related with oracy development. Studies prove that social interaction plays a vital role in a child’s language acquisition. The primary stage in the development of social capability is the acquisition of reciprocal understanding. Rosemary Boys keep the view that “This begins in the mother/child interaction starting at birth, and develops as the child’s communication and language skills become increasingly sophisticated” (Boys, n. d.). From the words of Rosemary it is evident that a child normally begins its language acquisition for its mother and in the long run it gradually develops and assumes the form of the language that we use nowadays. Jean Piaget and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Communication, Language and Literacy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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