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The author of the essay "Excellent Communicator" states: I believe effective communicators embody a number of positive traits that emerge when they relate to fellow human beings. Effective communicators take an interest in the people they communicate with, as nobody wants to listen…
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Excellent Communicator
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They are able to strategically and competently relate to the individual and adapt the conversation to better convey the message they are attempting to impart. Great communicators are often charismatic and funny – interesting people to listen to. Effective communicators are also effective listeners, as it’s impossible to communicate without verifying that the message is being received as you intended.
I believe ineffective communication begins by the person attempting to communicate not having a thorough enough understanding of the situation, or simply not allowing for a dialogue to occur that facilitates communication. During my first week as a teacher, I had an Assistant Principal who called me into her office to discuss observations made during one of my classes. She had an issue with the way a particular lesson was organized and proceeded to discuss its faults. While elements of her criticism were effective, a great deal of it was misdirected as it was founded on erroneous assumptions. It fell short in that it didn’t leave room for a dialogue to occur that could create a constructive solution. Instead, the observations were relayed in a way that spoke to the necessarily limited perspective of one individual. For workplace communication to be effective, open communication among workers within the organization must be promoted. Without this collaborative environment, the workplace becomes dry and monotonous and the creativity necessary for beneficial improvements is squashed. Read More
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Excellent Communicator Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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