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While Roosevelt was a democrat, Hitler was a true dictator. Surprisingly, things happened concurrently. These leaders came into power in the…
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The Democrat and the Dictator
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The Democrat and the Dictator Introduction The world re-known leaders who shaped the current politics: Franklin Roosevelt and AdolfHitler rose to power almost at the same time. While Roosevelt was a democrat, Hitler was a true dictator. Surprisingly, things happened concurrently. These leaders came into power in the same week, led their armies in world war two against each other, and unfortunately died in the same month. Throughout their leadership journey, they displayed various essences of democracy and dictatorship. Through the film “The Democrat and the Dictator,” Moyers Bill (1984) extensively reveals childhood lives and their different paths they used to raise to power and how each was an excellent communicator, with unique and influential ideas.
The film has a unique organizing principle of comparative treatment. Through this, it is easy for viewers to relate the motion pictures that show the Nazi regime and its influential propaganda to the Roosevelt’s communal style of leadership.
Automatically, democracy grants full freedom to people but in dictatorial form of leadership, people are denied access to equal rights. While Roosevelt was concerned with developing and ensuring that the society benefits from the government incentives and plans, Hitler, though claimed to love children and animals, it never meant anything to him because he brutally murdered anything across his path, especially the Jews. Therefore, he was after destroying the society and not building it.
Confidence plays a critical role in political success. Even though the world considers Hitler a serial killer, Germans admired his confidence and thus remained obedient and loyal to him. This indicates that he had followers till today. Through his confident smile, Roosevelt won the 1932 Presidential nomination because the smile was accompanied by an engaging behavior. However, in politics, leaders can do anything to remain in power. After losing, Hitler made sure all his competitors are eliminated so that he could remain the master of the nation.
The film gives an impressive analysis of Roosevelt’s Hitler’s background origin, how their ideologies were shaped by circumstances and environment, and their missions as leaders. While some people are born leaders, others are made and shaped by the environment.
Moyers Bill (Producer). (1984). The Democrat and the Dictator Franklin Roosevelt and Adolf Hitler (A Walk Through the 20th Century with Bill Moyers Series) [VHS Video]. USA: PBS Home Video. Read More
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