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The Logic of Political Survival: Dictatorship - Assignment Example

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In the paper “The Logic of Political Survival: Dictatorship” the author discusses the issue of democracy versus dictatorship, which has been a subject of debate for many years. While some people believe that dictatorship gets the job done without too much hassle…
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The Logic of Political Survival: Dictatorship
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Extract of sample "The Logic of Political Survival: Dictatorship"

Download file to see previous pages Dictatorship practiced in the parts of the world is more destructive than it is constructive. More disadvantages are associated with it than advantages.
Democracy, on the other hand, allows people to choose a leader they admire. However, questions always arise on whether people choose who they want or simply whether the vote is manipulated by popular politicians or by corruption. Democracy has been tainted with some elected leaders who end up wanting to remain in power even after their time is over. The question arises whether it is democracy in totality or dictatorship under the veil of democracy. Some citizens have been threatened with death if they do not vote for a particular leader that beats the essence of democracy. All forms of dictatorship should be abolished and done away with simply because the welfare of the people is not taken care of and dictatorship is harmful to the development of any country.
A dictator is a person who maintains their hold on power even when they are supposed to step down. A dictator is led by his desires and is controlled by the need to have power over the people. They force people to do all that they want regardless of whether it is right or wrong or whether they are going against their wills to do it. Dictatorship leads to corruption in the country because most dictators are feared, and thus no one questions their actions. They use funds mean for the development of the country to further enrich themselves and make their lives and those of their friends much easier (Clark, Golder, and Golder). They allocate land to whoever they wish and give jobs to only those who are likely to carry out their every bidding whether they are qualified or not. If unqualified people are chosen for jobs and paid handsomely, then there is simply no way a country can develop.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Logic of Political Survival: Dictatorship Assignment.
(The Logic of Political Survival: Dictatorship Assignment)
The Logic of Political Survival: Dictatorship Assignment.
“The Logic of Political Survival: Dictatorship Assignment”.
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