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Political Comic Strip & Character - Essay Example

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Political Comic Strip and Character Name Institutional Affiliation Political Comic Strip and Character Argument in Political Comic Strip Source: Barack Obama Cartoons, 2013 The political comic strip presented a comic representation of President Barack Obama on the presidential podium and apparently delivering part of a speech…
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Political Comic Strip & Character
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Download file to see previous pages The political comic strip was therefore effective in relaying an intended message using the rhetorical element of ethos, or character. As shown, the speaker in the comic strip was noted to be a president due to the visual image of the presidential seal on the podium. The readers could in fact have other characters of a president in mind, were in not for the comic strip to have been printed and published during the helm of President Obama’s term. As a president of the United States, definitely, the credibility, reliability and trustworthiness of the person had been firmly established being the topmost elected political figure. As such, the argument in the strip focused on relaying that being the president, the only dilemma of a serious economic situation, such as government spending, is the perceived reluctance of the people to spend. The message was clear, straightforward and humorous and provided the needed appeal to a wider range of audience. Webpage on Ellen DeGeneres The biographical webpage selected was and the famous person chosen for the discussion is Ellen DeGeneres, one of the most viewed television talk show hosts in the United States in contemporary times. The objective of this portion is to evaluate how the webpage makes an argument about the subject?s character. First, after searching for the name of Ellen DeGeneres from, her profile is immediately accessed. Viewers could see her photo at the left side portion of the screen, and under the photo were quick facts such as name, occupation, birthdate, education, place of birth and even her zodiac sign. Following that rundown of short personal information, the label ‘BEST KNOWN FOR’ “Ellen DeGeneres is one of America’s most well-known comedians and talk show hosts, also serving as a prominent gay/lesbian role model” (Ellen DeGeneres.biography, 2013, p. 1) was disclosed. From this information alone, viewers who could have not known DeGeneres could already be provided with an accurate overview of what she represents. The most important adjectives or words that establish the person include well-known comedian, talk show host, and gay/lesbian role model. In the middle portion of the page, the topmost portion was reserved for viewers who might opt to see a video of Ellen. Below this portion, the following headings and detailed discussions were presented in the following order: synopsis, early life, stand-up comedy, Ellen: the Sitcom, Ellen: the Talk Show, and personal life; of which the whole information are contained in two pages. From the information that are presented in this webpage, viewers are provided with enough contents that could effectively establish the character of a person. Although one has known Ellen DeGeneres from being a regular viewer of her television show, some information were new and assisted in confirming that Ellen was indeed funny, talented and has a kind and sincere heart. Her closing remarks in her Ellen: the Talk Show: ‘be kind to one another’ aptly embodies her character. Likewise, by disclosing that she was a lesbian, the brief historical information on her life and specifically at the time when she revealed this homosexuality in public could be perceived as challenging; yet, necessary to provide a more accurate image of her sexuality. Eventually, the revelation paid off since from then, her ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Political Comic Strip & Character Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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