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Analysis of LivingWell Inc. Strategic Approach to Environmental Factors - Essay Example

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Ths essay describes the analysis of LivingWell Inc. strategic approach to environmental factors. The researcher of this essay analyzes and then discusses the alternative or additional strategic options available for adaptation to ensure surviving and thriving of the company to the next decade…
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Analysis of LivingWell Inc. Strategic Approach to Environmental Factors
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Extract of sample "Analysis of LivingWell Inc. Strategic Approach to Environmental Factors"

Download file to see previous pages This essay evaluates the alternative or additional strategic options available for adaptation to ensure surviving and thriving of the LivingWell Inc. company in to the next decade. The researcher states that in today’s intensely competitive world, organisations are increasingly pressured to achieve targets and goals with limited and scarce economic resources. Effective deployment of organisational strategy directs the scare resources and efforts towards a charted course, eliminating waste arising from lack of direction. In crafting organisational strategies, the impinging internal and external environment factors needs to be analysed. The researcher of this essay aims to analyse the strategic approach taken by LivingWell Inc., in responding to the environmental factors influencing the industry. In conclusion, it can be noted that LivingWell has responded to business conditions prevailing and anticipated, through a mixture of corporate, business and functional level strategies. The company with its strong financial backing is in a strong position to benefit from attractive industry opportunities. The Health, Fitness and Leisure industry is still at its developing stages across the world and there is significant for growth. The researcher concluds his analysis and states that the company should continue with those strategies, which are proven effective while considering the deployment of alternative strategic options to retain and develop its competitive positioning in the industry. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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