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Name Professor Module Date Case Study Analysis: ‘Yahoo!’ Inc INTRODUCTION Yahoo! Inc is an international corporation that supplies internet services for businesses as well as individual users in nations all over the world. The company was founded in 1994 by David Filo and Jerry Yang and provides services such as email, directory, search engine services, news, web portal, radio music, web hosting, and international maps, among others…
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Case study analysis: Yahoo INC
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Download file to see previous pages It also aimed to become the most popular internet company with the world’s most prominent advertising groups. Some of its core values included excellence, ensuring teamwork, inspiring better innovative practices, and fostering community programs that would improve the environment. In as far as teamwork is concerned, Yahoo! focused on developing a diverse workforce that would then be encouraged to work harmoniously through individual accountability. Yahoo! has also sought to develop an extremely productive relationship with its billions of customers by ensuring that it supplies improved services that draw the customers and inspire them to remain with the company. In the recent years, Yahoo! has been exposed to increasing competition from ‘Google’- a rival search engine that has recently superseded the number of Yahoo!’s global customers. To enforce a new corporate culture with its new aim to once more re-capture its position as the search engine company to be reckoned with, Yahoo! changed its company mission to be to “connect all users with their communities, their passions, and the knowledge available to the entire world”( David, 94). ...
EXTERNAL FACTORS THAT AFFECT ‘YAHOO!’ There are different external issues that affect the profitability of Yahoo! Some of these include: The Economic Growth of the United States: Yahoo!’s headquarters is in the United States. This means that any changes in the nation’s economy will affect the company’s bottom line. For instance, a few years ago, the company’s earnings were affected by the global recession. In addition, an economic slump can result in reduction in spending on advertising. Naturally, this will decrease the company’s revenue. Demographic Factors: Yahoo! might be able to benefit from the developing numbers of internet savvy young people in many nations. This segment of the global population provides a ready market that can be tapped by the search engine giant. Global Forces - There are nations such as India and China which have large markets that are as yet untapped by search engines due to different reasons. In China, there is a local search engine that is supported by the national government and so has more local customers than foreign search engine companies such as Yahoo! These are untapped markets that Yahoo! could greatly benefit from in future. Political Factors – Yahoo!, along with other search engines, have to meet the requirements of the American government in as far as issues such as privacy and business practice are concerned. Any unintentional crossing of regulations could cost the corporation greatly in terms of financial resources. Technological Factors – Yahoo! has to ensure that it keeps up with new technological advances in the information and communication industry in order to remain competitive. However, today, many of these changes take place on a much faster rate than was the case ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Case Study Analysis: Yahoo INC Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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