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Behavior - Case Study Example

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Last name, first Date Why people behave the way they behave? To be an effective leader and a happy human being, it is important to understand others in the right perspective. Through his paper, Clawson attempts to make us understand how perspectives can affect our relationships, which makes it an important aspect for learning…
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Extract of sample "Behavior"

Download file to see previous pages In general, Clawson begins by talking about insecurities about self and the world around that start to develop when individuals do not get what they expect and/or are used to (p.3). Childhood experiences have a deep impact on individuals’ behavior and expectations. When individuals do not get what they believe is their right, it affects them negatively. To understand people for the way they behave, this article explains that most of the times behavior is defined by the individual’s experiences of their childhood. The learning obtained from this aspect is that it is not required for one to feel offended or betrayed because of somebody’s behavior that was not as expected; instead, it would be better to understand why that person behaved the way he/she did. It is more often due to some problems or challenges the other person might be facing, which he/she is unable to express. These problems are being referred to as “holes” in personality by Clawson (p.3). Clawson further adds that it is important to move on instead of clinging to the issues that left us dissatisfied. When we decide to move on, we free our mind of negative thoughts and feelings, which is important for our wellbeing. Clawson talks about memes, which can have significant impact on our beliefs. Memes are mental building blocks that determine our behavior as they shape our beliefs; however, these memes are temporary. So, it is important to identify memes and not allow these memes to affect relationships because of their impact on persons’ behavior. A very important learning in general is that our actions or reactions to the happenings around us are purely because of our choice and are not because of any external influence (p.9). So, if we choose to be happy we can, and if we choose to be negative affected by the circumstances, we can. So, all negative feelings are because of our own choice, which can be controlled through thoughtful approach to the difficult times of life. Our personal set of Values, Assumptions, Beliefs and Expectations (VABE) determine our view of the world and circumstances rather than the reality of the circumstances. These VABEs vary with every individual, culture, country and religion. These VABEs determine the behavior of individuals (Clawson, p.14). In a family, it is important to learn that what we learn and experience as children, up to an age of 10, determine our values in later life even if the situations completely change. So, it becomes important as to what the parents, guardians, teachers etc instil in children through behavior and observation that would eventually determine their life values. Moreover, it is important to keep in mind that our behavior is influenced by our actions, thoughts, feelings and physiology (p.10). Memes are also important because these memes will have a significant impact on children’s beliefs and behavior. Family is the first source of memes in an individual’s life and determine the lifestyle (Renshaw, p.11). Clawson’s article provides numerous points of learning for leaders. Firstly, leaders have the responsibility of influencing and motivating followers towards accomplishing a desired task (Pierce, p.257). In these contexts, for leaders, Clawson (p.5) justifies that it would be ideally impossible to effectively lead with expectations of being able to completely influence their followers. This is because all individuals’ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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