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The goal of the present essay is to conduct a comparative analysis of the human attributes that come from the very birth and ones that develop in accordance with the environment the human grew in. In order to formulate an understanding, the writer will dig deep into the matter to gain a clear view…
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Nature Versus Nurture
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Download file to see previous pages The way we make decisions and respond in a certain manner is that all hereditary or we have adopted it from the environment we live in?
We are well aware that some of the traits of our physical traits are hereditary, and that, that Nature and Nurture both plays a part in human’s behavior and personality. What we don’t know is ‘how much’, what is the share of nature or nurture in shaping our personalities. That is why this debate is still going on because in some cases we would like to take credit for our attributes which can both be nature or nurture, and sometimes we wish to blame our behaviors on any one of them. Let us first examine what these two are in details before bending toward anyone of them. Let’s keep them in balance and analyze (McLeoud, 2007)
In psychology there are two extreme groups, one in favor of each, nature and nurture, there are the ‘nativists’ and ‘empiricisits’. ‘Nativists’ are the people whose school of thought suggests that the humans are essentially what they are born with, the differences among them are all part of evolution and everything a person will become is already encrypted in their genetic code. The emergence of any behavioral trait at an early age is part of his inherited characteristics. They also believe that personality traits, behavior abilities, and mental attributes are already present in our genes when we were born (Colt, 1998).
On the other hand, the environmentalists also known as ‘empiricisits’, believe that we become what we perceive from our surroundings and environment. Their basic belief is known as ‘tabula rasa’ which literally means ‘blank slate’ which states that our minds are like a blank slate and we fill it with our experiences. This is also known as ‘behaviorism’ in psychology which strongly narrates the tabula rasa theory and suggests that there is no free will. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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