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Nature v. Nurture in Wolf - Alice by Angela Carter - Essay Example

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The exploration of Alice’s identity is one which is divided by the concept of being a girl that is human but having a close relationship to the ideology of being a wolf. The challenge which arises is based on having an identity which is associated with nature or with the nurturing which Alice receives. …
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Nature v. Nurture in Wolf - Alice by Angela Carter
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Download file to see previous pages The dilemma which Alice receives then relates to the known of the nurturing by the wolves as opposed to understanding the nature and reality of her human form. The nature vs. nurture concept becomes important as it blurs the line of identity while creating an association according to the identity which is nurtured as the true nature of the character.
The concept of Alice being a wolf – girl is the main component of the theme. Carter displays the difference by showing how the identity between both is blurred with her expectations between the two. The identity is shown by the author stating “Nothing about her is human except that she is not a wolf; it is as if the fur she thought she wore had melted into her skin and became a part of it, although it does not exist” (Carter, 119). This explanation is one that immediately shows the nature versus the nurture of the character. The identity is one which is based on the nurturing Alice has received as a wolf, specifically with her attitude being based on wearing an outer layer of fur which one could not see. The nature is further identified by her not being a wolf, which one would see and believe as the nature of the character....
There is no understanding of her identity as a human and there isn’t a relationship which she holds with others who see her as a human. More important, her nature turns to act like a wolf in given circumstances. When this occurs, there is a direct association with Alice being a wolf by nature and nurture. For instance, when seeing her mirror reflection, she realizes for the first time that her identity from nurturing differs from her human form. The mirror and her reflection of her human form become her limitation to being who she believes she should be. The mirror image and the self – image show the difference between nature and nurture while separating the two types of identity. “He passed through the mirror and now, henceforward, lives as if upon the other side of things” (Carter, 121). This particular phrase shows the same concept of the nature being that of a wolf and a human, specifically because of the identity which occurs. The interchange between identities with nature versus nurture becomes reliant on the actions taken by the individual. The nature of Alice in this particular story is one which holds the nature of a human because of her birth; however, it also holds the nature of the wolf. The nature comes from the way in which Alice is raised. The nurturing then changes the nature of Alice into something that she identifies with and understands as opposed to her true nature. This example then creates an understanding that the woman is both human and wolf and one cannot be separated from the other. While the wolf as nature and the human as the natural identity become linked together are also ways in which this creates an alteration in identity with Alice. There is a force to interchange between both the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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