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THE WALT DISNEY COMPANY ANALYSIS By Name English Professor University City of University Date The Walt Disney Company Analysis Introduction “In 1935 the New York Times called Mickey Mouse, the best-known and most popular international figure of his day.” (Walt Disney Company, 2003)…
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Walt Disney Company Context Analysis
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Download file to see previous pages His success was not instant; many film distributors laughed at his ideas. He met with constant criticisms and was judged as being an average cartoonist. The actual design of Mickey Mouse was attributed to Iwerks. However, Disney did get credit for his ability to visualize characters and stories. Disney’s earlier films were funded with his own money. Mickey Mouse brought in enough money to allow him to develop other projects. (Walt Disney Company, 2003). His first full-length film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, opened in 1937 and was a hit. This move produced a line of successful movies. When the 1950s rolled around Americans began to spend more time at home, therefore, he advanced into television. He was seen as an icon after World War II as his innovation brought mouse ears into the homes and lives of children all over the world. He is well known as a visionary of sound animation but also an innovator of the American business model as well. (Kao, 2010). Historical and Geographical Elements: Disney has been a very influential force in the entertainment industry, especially for children and families. Walt Disney was born of humble beginnings in 1901 in Chicago. His upbringing has said to of been a great influence on his later middle-class family status. His father, Elias, moved the family throughout the Midwest looking for work. In those days hard work to support a household of five children was prized. However, there was little money left for entertainment. The children were forced to go to work at an early age, and Walt began work at age nine as a newspaper delivery boy. He and his brothers and sisters were given social and religious values from an early age. (The Walt Disney Company, 2003. P.2). He found that he was very talented in art at age 14 so he enrolled at the Kansas City Art Institute. From ages 14 to 16 he signed up to serve as an ambulance driver during World War I. Shortly after the war had ended he found employment as a commercial artist, and was able to form an animated cartoon company in Kansas City. From there he teamed up with his brother Roy who lived in Hollywood. (The Walt Disney Company, 2003, p.3). Word reached the West Coast shortly after Disney arrived from a company wanting to gain the rights to Disney live action cartoon reels. He took advantage of the business opportunity and joined with M. J. Winkler who offered $1.500 per reel. (The Walt Disney Company, 2003, p.3). From there his career took off. “Disney studios took full advantage of the small screen revolution of television.” (The Walt Disney Company, 2003, p.3). In 1955 Disneyland opened in Anaheim, California and The Mickey Mouse Club debuted on ABC television. Every kid in American had Mickey Mouse ears. This brought on such movies as The Shaggy Dog and Mary Poppins in 1964, which was a box office hit. The Wonderful World of Disney started in 1955 as well and ran for 20 years. He always demanded professionalism of his employees as well as the highest quality technology available. Walt Disney died in 1966 of cancer, however, his brother vowed to make sure his employees carried on the standards of his work. (The Walt Disney Company, 2003, p.4). Geographically the Walt Disney Parks and Resorts began in California, however, the second one, Walt Disney World Resort founded in Orlando, Florida became the model for the others. The Tokyo Disney Resort was the first to open in another country in 1983 and further expanded in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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