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The works of Disney were not always successful, but when success came, it was really resounding. One of the greatest ideas was the creation of Disney's “timeless" characters”. He insisted on all references to a topic or age being removed of the films. …
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The Walt Disney Company: The Entertainment King
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Download file to see previous pages The roots of Disney's success were in “his will power, courage and fierce determination”. He always found ways to restore his forces and beliefs after failure. Disney was Promethean personality; he suffered gigantomania. These characteristics allowed him to benefit from everything with unquenchable zeal. For the sake of the future, Disney was always ready to pawn all his present property; he just loved creating new things, especially when presented such opportunity presented. Thus, it was not a problem for him to get the money for his new creations. Due to these character features, many works of Disney are called works of genius of the most valuable film eras. But, according to Johnston and Thomas, “this also kept a studio on the verge of bankruptcy for years, during this period, the company could not pay the bills”. The reason was that the purpose of Disney was not to make big money, but to create masterpieces. Thus, one film could be recognized as a hit, and another one used to fail miserably.
It is known that Disney founded his own studio, which created an image of Oswald Rabbit, but he did not register copyright for it. The idea and the image itself were unceremoniously stolen. It was a lesson for Disney, which made him deal not only with art. He became very cautious, especially in matters of copyrights. Therefore, at the early stage of Disney work, he was more artist than businessman, but at a later stage - more businessman than an artist.
When in 1943, “Bambi” was released and then flopped at the box-office, Disney was saved by the re-hire of “Snow White” a year later. Then it occurred to Walt to return to his inspired idea about “Alice in Wonderland”. After the re-release of “Snow White”, the studio unexpectedly gained high profit, and Disney launched “Alice” in production. The picture did not only eat all the cash, but also brought 2 million losses. Walt fell into a deep depression, started drinking and quit his job, which only complicated the problem. But a few years later Disneyland put an end to feverish existence of the company and gave the Disney the necessary stability and cash flow. Of course, Walt Disney one of the first, who realized that movies and television could successfully work together, complementing each other. The Disney was the first of the Hollywood studios, which started making TV serials. In 1954, Disney signed a contract with ABC on the production of a weekly TV broadcast called “Disneyland” So, the weekly Disney series on ABC channels, without exaggeration, determined the further way of coexistence of Hollywood and television. Disney is keenly aware of how to attract the attention of every category of American viewers. The Americans got the impression that they were engaged in the creation of Disneyland. Walt Disney skillfully prepared the market for his new offspring. In the mid-nineties, the Disney Company became a conglomerate of entertainment market, dominating the production of movies, television and video. Within five years, since 1988, the company was able to dispose of personal film library of Walt Disney. At the time, the Disney received huge profits from the rental ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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