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Rotanas expansion - Case Study Example

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In the process of planning for Rotana’s expansion goals and goal, setting is quite vital and instrumental given the roles it would facilitate in the planning process. First, goals would ensure that performance as executed and expectations in the planning process is improved drastically. …
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Rotanas expansion
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Extract of sample "Rotanas expansion"

Download file to see previous pages Rotana through the management expects to raise the standards of the hotel industry, which is only majorly realizable with clear goals. Performance in terms of the achievement of measured growth and expansion realization through the Middle East is also likely to improve due to well-set goals. Goals also support the controlling function in planning, as progress can be assessed and corrective action taken. When a company is able to meet its goals, motivation levels go up an as a result increased output is realizable (Forsyth 123). From the case study, Rotana’s stated goals are simple, clear, flexible and achievable given the growth realization so far both in the ME and North Africa. In addition, they are measurable, well written, in terms of outcomes and they are communicated to all the necessary members of the organization ( “This is Rotana” in Rotana Hotels website, tell us much about the Vision, Values, and expansion plan. According to the Vision which is, “To be the Leading Hospitality Management Company recognized for its unique blend of world-class standards with genuine hospitality and for its truly treasured experiences provided for guests, colleagues and owners.” It is Culminated with a Brand promise revolving around their treasure for time, adaptability to treasured time and how such a time recognizes the past while reflecting on the presents into a promising future. Based on this it is prudent to say that Rotana adheres to its values and based on its Vision it has the potential of achieving its expansion plan to 100 hotels in the next three years ( The case study reiterates the fact that planning is a procedure where an organization sets goals like the ones set by Rotana Hotels. After this, they then formulate a strategy on how such goals and targets are to be met. Ultimately developing an inclusive plan to integrate and coordinate work activities. According to the case study, I am able to learn that planning provides direction while reducing the level of uncertainty in organizational goals achievement. According to the case study, we are able to see that Rotana Hotels are able to grow by 70 branches and across regions that is in North Africa and ME ( In attaining these, the Hotel was able to minimize wastage with well-set standards for control (Forsyth 207). Case study 2 Air Arabia seems to exploiting the Low cost strategy aimed at quality service provision to its clients while maximizing the profitability from its operations. The company claims to be the one that offers comfort, reliability, and value for customer’s money. In its low cost strategy, it has placed measures to reduce training, maintenance, and multi-cabins cost. Coupled with this is the high turn around costs to save on airport expenses. Airport, expenses are also reduced by flying to secondary less congested airports. Apart from the optional paid for in flight food and beverage the airline exploits for cheaper advertising through the internet hence saving on costs. The main advantage of this airline is the location, which allows it to access several locations worldwide hence wide client base ( SWOT analysis is quite useful for Air Arabia given its focus on its growth plans. This is because the SWOT would enable the stakeholders to quickly understand the company while recognizing its potential partnerships and suppliers. This is because SWOT analysis is a crucial resource for industry executives and anyone with an interest in gaining a better understanding of a company’s business ( Furthermore, the company will be bale to gain insight into the market place and better ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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