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Iscuss the expansion of Romes empire. Why did the Romans seek war so aggressively - Admission/Application Essay Example

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This was mostly due to cooperation in law, religion and warfare which enabled them to band together for mutual defense especially during times of common danger…
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Iscuss the expansion of Romes empire. Why did the Romans seek war so aggressively
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"Iscuss the expansion of Romes empire. Why did the Romans seek war so aggressively"

Download file to see previous pages Romans were so aggressive due to the fact that they were able to march at speed as a result of physical training. They were able to march in line hence keeping the army a compact fighting unit which is invincible to attack by their enemies. Romans were so successful in their wars because they had military advantages. The fighting force was highly disciplined and trained. They used very punishing short blades as well as deadly fighting formations and tactics (Flower, 96). The force was very devastating; its success lay in its infantry called legions that were well-trained and well-equipped to conduct combat. The highly disciplined soldiers allowed generals to conduct complex maneuvers without losing intent or shape of the force.
After the war with Hannibal, Romans faced many consequences, for instance, farmers were not able to grow crops hence many people migrated to the city. Slavery increased, growing tensions and erupting civil wars. This created a period of revolution and unrest. In order to deal with these consequences, Romans advocated cooperation in law, religion and warfare so as to band together for mutual defense or gain (Flower, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More


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(“Iscuss the expansion of Romes empire. Why did the Romans seek war so Admission/Application Essay”, n.d.)
Iscuss the expansion of Romes empire. Why did the Romans seek war so Admission/Application Essay. Retrieved from
(Iscuss the Expansion of Romes Empire. Why Did the Romans Seek War so Admission/Application Essay)
Iscuss the Expansion of Romes Empire. Why Did the Romans Seek War so Admission/Application Essay.
“Iscuss the Expansion of Romes Empire. Why Did the Romans Seek War so Admission/Application Essay”, n.d.
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