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Discuss the expansion of Romes empire - Admission/Application Essay Example

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By the 4th Century AD, the previously small republic had grown into the largest empire the world has even known. Expansion of the empire’s geographical borders is associated with the Roman…
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Discuss the expansion of Romes empire
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"Discuss the expansion of Romes empire"

Download file to see previous pages Unlike any other army then, Roman Legions were highly trained. The attacking techniques used by legions, a unit of 6000 men, were perfected through trials and tests. Also, discipline and courage were enforced with harsh punishment for failed performances. Therefore, the military advantages of enhanced fighting techniques and combat discipline influenced Roman success in wars (Smith, 42).
The 2nd Punic War ended with the total destruction of Carthage, an empire almost equal to Rome in power and military capability. After the successful destruction of Carthage, the Roman Empire started to experience challenges associated with political turbulence and social decay. The 2nd Punic War was fought for almost two decades. Because of the challenge presented by the Carthage Army, both Roman soldiers and peasants joint the war. After the war, the Roman economy had suffered greatly, and peasants flocked the city in search for employment (Smith, 46). Idle peasants in Rome led to establishment of gladiatorial fights. Politics and societies became violent and corrupt, leading to factions within the Roman government.
In an effort to address these challenges after the 2nd Punic War, the Roman Empire enlisted idle peasants into the army, promising them land and wealth after each successful conquest. In addition, provincial power was centralized on a few experienced governors who were loyal to the emperor (Smith, 47). Despite these attempts, end of the 2nd Punic War pushed the Roman Empire into a century of civil wars and political ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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