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Greek Classicism And Hellenism - Assignment Example

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The paper "Greek Classicism And Hellenism" gives the definitions of these cultural directions. The writer detailed discusses characteristics of them and gives examples from the textbook. The paper also contains a brief information of the history of art…
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Greek Classicism And Hellenism
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Download file to see previous pages Greek sculptures of the human figure are further characterized by the harmonious and balanced anatomical proportions as featured via Polycleitos' "The Doryphorus" dated c. 450 – 480 B.C. as well as Myron's "Discobolus" inc. 450 B.C. Inform and style, sculpted Greek monuments and articles chiefly featured three-dimensional volumes of structures which bear real human shape in bust, torso, arm, limb, and facial detail. Moreover, construction of nude statues back then was widely prevalent as Greeks signified nudity to symbolize heroism, status, and defeat among males and through Praxiteles’ “Aphrodite of Cnidus”, however, the nudity of the female goddess conveys her divine birth from the sea and eternal youth.
Define the Hellenistic Style. List the characteristics. Give at least one example from the textbook.
In general, the Hellenistic Style projected stylistic evolution rendered upon a rich variety of subject matter whereby the artists in the era of Hellenism sought to become more flexible and innovative in their treatment of the core object of the piece. Hellenistic schemes of art may be observed to have focused on the historical setting or significant occurrence believed to reflect the role or identity of the figure designated in it.
Rather than drawing the audience’s attention toward the countenance of the image, a Hellenistic work is able to captivate sights into the entire scene as though it is bound to come to life to communicate a particularly interesting narrative....
enistic work is able to captivate sights into the entire scene as though it is bound to come to life to communicate a particular interesting narrative. One who then looks at the piece would necessarily look into all that comprised it including the orientation of objects in space and what might facial expressions mean in the given context. “Laocoon and His Two Sons” in 1st century B.C.E. (p. 92) and “Nike of Samothrace” c. 190 B.C.E. (p. 92) are two of the prominent works by which the concept of Hellenism may be recognized via the intensity of emotion evoked, whether emerging out of tragedy, triumph, passion, or other sources that elicit strong reactions. (3) Why is the Parthenon considered an important achievement in the history of architecture? Besides the fact that the Parthenon is a temple dedicated to the Greek goddess Athena, its conventions of design bore the intriguing aspect of its being tailored to become an “optical illusion”. To normal sight, the Parthenon would appear to consist of straight lines, in truth however, every surface of it was carved for the edges to exhibit plain yet astounding linear perspective. Having been built in the time and rule of Pericles, hailed as one of the greatest Athenian statesmen of all time and Father of Democracy who had the Parthenon established with a vision of making Athens the center of Greek world, the architecture and engineering constituting the columnar temple took years and hundreds of craftsmen to be conducted such that it could withstand huge historical challenges. It has stood to this day, despite ruins, at the heart of the Acropolis to be viewed and studied based on the paradigm of classical architecture. (4) What factors contributed to Pax Romana (“Roman Peace”)? Pax Romana being a long period ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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