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Research W. Edwards Deming's 14 points and identify at least one of those 14 points which resonates with you personally - Essay Example

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Fourteen Point Plan: Edward Deming is an American statistician, and he is credited with helping Japan evolve into a manufacturing nation. He is also the one who came up with the concept of Total Quality Management…
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Research W. Edwards Demings 14 points and identify at least one of those 14 points which resonates with you personally
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Extract of sample "Research W. Edwards Deming's 14 points and identify at least one of those 14 points which resonates with you personally"

Download file to see previous pages His efforts caught the attention of the Japanese emperor, who gave him an award for his role in the country’s industrialization (Anderson, 12). Upon returning in United States of America, Deming wrote a book by the title Out of a crisis. This book was published in 1982, and it outlines 14 points which if used in the United States manufacturing sector, then there will be an industrial boom in the country. The 14 points advocated by Deming may seem to be a bunch of radical ideas; however, to effectively understand these ideas, it is important to understand Deming’s explanations of the concept of variance. According to Deming, variation was the problem that presented a great threat to the manufacturing industry of United States of America. Deming reasoned that if there was a variation in prices, times of delivery, work ethics, then companies were wasting their resources (By, 23). On this basis, Deming identified 14 points of management that people and companies ought to follow. These points are (Deming, 7); 1. Creating a purpose of constancy in order to improve the operations of the business organization. It is therefore important to replace the short term objectives of an organization, with long term goals. 2. Adoption of the management’s new policy. ...
4. The industry should identify a single supplier for one product. This is because many suppliers’ will always produce different quality of products, and this leads to a variation of the product under consideration, and this results to a variation of the products supplied. 5. There must always be a need of improvement, and this is in regard to reducing variation. 6. On job training is a necessity if the organization wants to achieve efficiency in its work force. Inadequate training will make people inefficient, leading to an increase in variation of the products produced. 7. Deming advocates for institutional leadership. In his opinion, there is a difference between leadership and supervision. He denotes that supervision involves setting up of targets, and it is quota based. 8. The eighth principles that Deming develops, relates to fear. Deming denotes that developing business policies out of fear is counter-productive. As such, managers ought to drive out fear for them to achieve success in their endeavors. Fear also prevents workers from effectively serving the interests of the organization. 9. The ninth principle is in regard to breaking down the barriers that exist between the various departments of an organization. Under this principle, the idea of the internal customer emerges. This idea denotes that the various departments within an organization serve each other. They do not serve the management. This is a very central idea in TQM. 10. Deming also proposes the concept of eliminating slogans within an organization. Under this idea, the mistakes that people make, does not arise because of their faults, but because of the various processes within the organization that they are working for. On this basis therefore, it is not wise to harass ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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