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Management Functions - Case Study Example

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The fundamental management functional attributes have ever been observed to play a pivotal role for the organizations in terms of attaining their long-term business objectives. …
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Management Functions
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Download file to see previous pages Case Study Management functions can be stated as a set of core and most essential elements for various organizations that not only enable them to achieve their desired business goals but also facilitate in building long-term sustainability in the competitive environment. The set of an effective management functions comprises four fundamental elements that include controlling, planning, organizing along with leading (Rutter, 2003). With reference to the major attributes of management functions, this paper intends to present a series of recommendations to Amanda Smith (Amanda) in response to the concerns identified from the case. Brief Overview of the Case Amanda Smith (Amanda) had started a new small sized accounting firm named “Smith's Accounting and Tax Service” after she got six years of experience through working in a renowned accounting firm. As the intention of Amanda is to conduct own business within the community, she opened her accounting firm by engaging one employee named Lisa. At the starting face of the business, Amanda has developed a mission statement along with a strategy for her business. The mission statement of Smith’s Accounting and Tax Service was to ensure the deliverance of adequate accounting and tax services to the small business owners within community. However, the organization has faced certain challenges due to its inappropriate management and control process. Owing to this context, it has been recognized that lack of planning can be considered as one of the major factors that led the firm to face different concerns related to its accounting services. The ineffective management of operational processes such as maintaining records of the tax returns for such a small accounting firm can also be viewed to generate greater risks. The issue concerning employment layoff has also been witnessed in the case due to certain errors in the accounting work prepared by the employees of the firm. Recommendations to Amanda in Response to the above identified Concerns In relation to the fundamental concept of management, there are basically four functions that ensure to provide adequate support to the organizations in efficiently obtaining their predetermined business targets. In this regard, an effective set of management functions comprise four major and most essential elements such as controlling, planning, organizing along with leading that supports the organizations to sustain in this competitive landscape (Morgeson, DeRue, & Karam, 2010). According to the case scenario, the inappropriate planning of conducting operational procedures along with incorrect setting of organizational goals have eventually contributed in creating problems for Amanda and her firm. In relation to the case of Amanda, inappropriate execution of the organizing functions including personnel management can be duly considered as the major aspect hindering to generate positive outcomes for her company by a certain degree. Moreover, it can be stated that the inadequate organizing process of the firm has further witnessed to prioritize the importance of recruitment, job design and descriptions along with delivering proper training to the staffs. It can also be apparently observed that lack of motivational skills has also negatively impact on the overall performance of Amanda and her firm at large. In this context, the leadership functions of Amanda could focus on making effective decisions which could enable the organization to develop its operational and managerial activities towards the accomplishment of organizational ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Management Functions Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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