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Apple Analysis - Essay Example

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In the last decade Apple has emerged to be a household name that the consumers closely associate with high end, state of the art and innovative digital products…
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Apple Analysis
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Download file to see previous pages However, the industry for digital goods is open to multiple pulls and pressures owing to the new technological inputs and ever altering consumer preferences. In that context Apple is not only endowed with multiple strengths, but the firm also faces many challenges ensuing from equally aggressive and market driven competitors. No wonder Apple has been able to register an impressive financial performance in the wake of the current economic meltdown. However, the firm always needs to be on its toes to avoid a dilution of market share at the hands of companies that are innovation driven and aggressive. Introduction It was Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak who founded the Apple Computer Inc. in the year 1976. Apple started as a small company that manufactured computer software and hardware. In the current times it is certainly not wrong to say that Apple is a leading company that manufactures consumer goods like tablets, Smartphone and mp3 players. It owes only to the exclusiveness and start of the art nature of the Apple products that the firm today enjoys a large customer base all over the world and Apple products are known for their sophistication and innovation. It was in 2007 that the Apple Computer Inc changed its name to Apple and opted for expanding into the market for digital goods while retaining its traditional focus on computers and laptops. Since then Apple has successfully evolved from being an exclusively computer based company to being a company that is known for innovation and technological ingenuity. Thereby, the purpose of the paper is to analyze the position of Apple in an ever expanding market for digital products.
ere is no denying the fact that the demand in the industry of digital goods like computers, tablets and cell phones has been predominantly driven by innovation (Collins 5). Thereby the key focus of the organizations producing digital products is to use innovation to come out with innovative products and to cost effectively and efficiently produce digital gadgets (Collins 6). Hence, going by these demand drivers, Apple’s key thrust has been to introduce innovative products in a cost effective manner and that is why Apple has been playing a dominant role in the industry for digital goods. When it comes to the industry for digital goods like tablets and cell phones the other salient factors that determine the market success tend to be the designing of the product, speed, product utility and usability and memory. Thereby the market for computers is poised to pursue a mildly warm growth in the coming years owing to a highly developed market that has not been able to introduce more innovative products (Stone 48). Yet, when it comes to the portable music products, this sector has evinced tremendous growth and is expected to do well in the coming years (Binks 28). Hence, the organization that are innovation driven and have made tremendous R&D investments and that have the capability to learn from the past experiences will certainly do well in the future. In that context Apple has certainly done well when it comes to pursuing competitive strategies that assure the product success and organizational profitability. Not only Apple has managed to accrue a loyal customer pool, but, is also quiet known for producing innovative and differentiated products. Also when one takes into consideration the aura generated by the products like iPhone and iPod, Apple is not only expected to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Apple Analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words.
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