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Authentic Assessment - Essay Example

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Authentic Assessment Institutional Affiliation Contents Contents 2 Authentic Assessment 3 Supervisory development plan 3 Developmental goals 3 Performance gaps 4 Self assessments 6 Input from others 7 Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities needed by supervisors 7 Learning materials and strategies 8 Developmental plan implementation 8 Authentic Assessment Supervisory development plan The supervisor plays a key role in ensuring success of organizations…
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Authentic Assessment
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Download file to see previous pages The concepts of organizing, planning, leading, staffing, and controlling should be taken seriously by the supervisor. Supervisors act as intermediaries by communicating upper management’s objectives so as to realize the set goals. Supervisors facilitate the processes so as to keep the business operating. Based on the functions of the supervisors as well as their major roles, it is good for them to remain a key in steering forward the organization. The decisions made by supervisors on day to day activities affect attitudes and morale of employees as well as profits (Mosley et al, 2010). In the case of this supervisory development plan, the approaches of improving organizational performance through employee development will be reviewed. Developmental goals The goals of the supervisory development plan will be as follows. a. Improvement of communication between employees b. Better training for employees c. Develop a reward system for employees d. Efficient conflict management As a supervisor I have to ensure that my employees are well versed with skills and knowledge required for undertaking their roles. One of the main goals is to establish good communication with the employees. Good communication is essential in running efficient department. Without good communication, daily tasks will not be executed smoothly. Communication enhances efficiency in employee performance by minimizing workplace conflicts. It is essential for the supervisor to be a good listener and teach the employees how to be good listeners of one another. Good communication facilitates problem-solving and teamwork, which is essential for attainment of organizational objectives. Another key goal is ensuring better training of employees. This is essential for ensuring efficiency and increasing productivity. Well trained employees will be efficient in executing his or her duties. With proper employee training, issues of time wastage and flaws in business operations will be addressed. From another perspective, the supervisory plan seeks to come up with a better reward system for employees. Employees need to be motivated by offering them regular rewards based on their performance. Rewarding employees serves as motivation, uplifts their esteem and acts as appreciation for their hard work. It is also a primary goal for the development plan to ensure effectiveness in conflict resolution. It is my focus that all departments are run well and as smoothly as possible without conflicts. This will be attained by ensuring good communication, proper training, motivation, and building trust with employees. Since best development plans are not always perfect, critiquing will be welcome to ensure constant review of the goals and adjust them accordingly for the benefit of all (Houldsworth & Jirasinghe, 2006). Performance gaps In order to improve employee performance, proper communication and training will be adopted. Employees will be taught on the fundamentals of good communication with one another as well as with their managers. There is a great performance gap in good employee performance. This entails the creation of a shared vision with all employees. There is need to communicate effectively with employees on the objectives of the organization and how to executive their roles. By creating a shared vision, the employees will be inspired ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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