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Supervisor Interview Assignment III ( Is there someone who has Supervisor friends or contacts or you can be a interviewee if yo - Essay Example

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Part I: Supervisor Interview Report Supervisors help in the shaping of an organization's working environment. Their attitude towards work whether positive or negative highly influences their team members (Griffin, Patterson, and West 538). Supervisors have different techniques when it comes to leading their team…
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Supervisor Interview Assignment III ( Is there someone who has Supervisor friends or contacts or you can be a interviewee if yo
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Extract of sample "Supervisor Interview Assignment III ( Is there someone who has Supervisor friends or contacts or you can be a interviewee if yo"

Download file to see previous pages It is his duty to assess the performance of all employees working under the customer service department, their way of handling customer transactions, and to reprimand them when needed. He directly supervises a total of 20 employees under the customer service department. He graduated with a degree in Management. Before becoming a customer service supervisor, he was a customer service agent. Because of dedication and hard work he got promoted to this position. While he was still studying he was able to join seminars on work ethics and professionalism. He had also undergone management and leadership trainings provided by the company. He said that there a lot of qualities a good supervisor must possess but if he needs to mention three very important qualities, he will consider the following: Superb Leadership Skills- To effectively lead a team a supervisor should have this very important quality. Although it takes time to develop this one, but once a supervisor has it, then leading the team to success will be easy. Good Communication Skills- One of the most important components in business management is communication. Communication is not done in a way that will discourage an employee, there must be some sense of respect and openness to fully reach out to the members of the team. A Positive Attitude Towards Work- This type of job carries with it a big responsibility not only to the company but also to the customers. If the supervisor is able to show the eagerness to perform the job efficiently then the employees will be inspired to follow what their leader does. It's hard for him to determine the things that he wishes he knew before he became a supervisor. He just thought that he wishes he knew earlier the reason why we encounter customer complaints but he guesses it is true that you can never please everyone no matter how much effort you make. Secondly, he wishes he knew more about the things that cause signal disruptions because that is the usual complaint of our customers. He narrated that there was one time that a customer service agent received a call from a very angry female customer. She had complaints on signal disruption. The woman was so angry that the agent got frustrated and asked him to help her figure out a way to calm the customer down. Being the one in charge of handling these types of problems, he did not waste time; he talked to her politely and explained to her some possible causes of signal disruption. He then apologized to her for the inconveniences that interrupted her dealings and promised to take the necessary actions to solve the problem. He further stated that as a supervisor, he is the role model of the team. His own way of motivating his team members is by letting them feel that they are essential to the company. As much as possible he pushes them to do their best every day, and give them compliments every once in a while to boost their self confidence. He is lucky to have team members who are good listeners and followers. He advised not to stop believing in your own capabilities. Never let other people ruin your beliefs and aspirations. He said that if you wish to become a supervisor in an instant that's definitely impossible not unless you came from a highly influential family. So he said to keep working hard and never surrender. Part II: Analysis Through this analysis, I will share my learnings and realizations from the recently conducted interview with the customer service supervisor. The interview shows an ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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