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The Orion Shield Project - Essay Example

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Case Study Contents Executive Summary 3 Technical aspect 3 Ethical aspect 4 Legal aspect 4 Contractual aspect 5 Communication aspect 5 Training and Human resources aspect 6 Other aspects 7 Reference 9 Executive Summary Here we can see a complex situation faced by a project engineer, Gary Allison of SEC who was offered the position of a project manager by his senior Henry Larsen…
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The Orion Shield Project
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Download file to see previous pages This also shows how getting appointed for an unsuitable position can lead to disputes and confusions both for the employee and for the organization as a whole. From the ethical point of view Gary was correct on his part but if we consider the case from the business viewpoint then it can be said that on certain aspects Gary was wrong. The case focuses on a number of aspects of an organization and exhibits the outcomes providing the reader a food for thought towards finding out paths to better results. In the following sections we will discuss about the various aspects related to the case. Technical aspect Henry Larsen, the director of engineering at SEC appointed one of his most trusted employees, Gary Allison, as the project manager for the Orion Shield project. Soon Gary realized that the design prepared by their firm was unable to meet the technical specifications. He informed Larsen that the customers are looking for a design that would operate successfully and normally within -65 degree F to 145 degree F. He tried and tested several other approaches but failed. Then he suggested that the customers should be informed about this issue. ...
He thought it would be unethical to conceal the fact from the customers which can possibly give rise to mistrust and dissatisfaction among the customers later on. But he was rebuked for this ethical thought. Larsen clearly told him that if he wished to move on with this project with an ethical viewpoint then he would have easily selected some ethical manager and not Gary. Since he needed someone who can tactfully handle such situations without getting ethically influenced therefore he chose Gary for this project and he wants Gary to act as per his instructions. Also Gary stated in the financial report about the progress of the project and the cost allocated. He represented all the facts truthfully. However his endeavor was totally discouraged by Elliot Grey who informed him that his truthfulness has caused a huge loss to the company as Grey had asked for $3, 00,000 additional amounts from the headquarters by some manipulation so that Gary could get rescued from the complex situation. Now this amount would be restricted to only $ 150,000. Legal aspect Gary got informed by Larsen that a new material JXB3 has proved to be suitable for satisfying all the specifications mentioned in the contract. This material had been tested for the past two weeks by Larsen and Paula and now they have come to the conclusion that it is the perfect one. Larsen also told that all these testing had been done with the money paid for the deal and it is against the contract to use the amount for some other purpose and the revelation of this fact might lead to cancellation of the contract. Also it was illegal on SEC’s part to develop a new material and introduce it within the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Orion Shield Project Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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