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Human Recourse Management - Essay Example

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Analysing the External Environment of British Airways Name Institution Date Executive Summary British Airways has been one of the leading airline companies in the United Kingdom and the entire globe since its inception in 1924. Indeed British Airways’ financial performance is so impressive that it has been found to have a great impact on the economic landscape in the globe…
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Human Recourse Management
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Download file to see previous pages The external environment of the company, the organisation’s monitoring system of the external environment and how these contribute to its success and occasional hiccups have also been looked into in this paper. To do this, this paper has used several analytical models. Particularly, this paper has used SWOT, PESTEL and the Porter Five forces model as analytical models to look into British Airways adjustment to the external environment. Finally, this paper has made several recommendations regarding how the chosen organisation can respond better to environmental forces. Analysing the External Environment of British Airways Introduction and Background British Airways is among the leading airlines in the global scene and the principle carrier in the United Kingdom. Statistics reveal that the company plays a key role in the worldwide economic landscape. In the financial year 2009/ 2010 it served approximately thirty two million customers and links over three hundred destinations (British Airways Plc., 2010). Their financial statements are impressive since their revenue in the same financial year amounted to 8 billion dollars as stated by British Airways Plc. (2010). ...
The present situation in the company is an interesting area of study since an analysis of how it deals with variations in the external environment affect business operations conclusions can be drawn and recommendations can be made. Company’s Profile British Airways has been proficient player in the airline industry since its incorporation in 1924 according to British Airways Plc. (2010). The company engages its activities both at the local and global level. It provides several services including cargo freight, passenger flight services, and mail services among other auxiliary services. Its business is mainly spread across the United States and Europe and serves over five hundred destinations worldwide (British Airways Plc. 2010). The company’s works towards expanding its customer base by offering world class services. There has been increasing competition in the airline business caused by the introduction of modern technology. British Airways has continuously updated its policies to keep up with changes in the external environment and this is why the company has maintained leadership in business over the years. This business report involves a detailed analysis of the environment of British Airways by focusing on various issues. It will start by analysing the organisation’s external environment, by applying analytical models and ensuring an international focus. Secondly, it will give a critical review organisation’s monitoring system of the external environment. Finally, it will make recommendations detailing how the chosen organisation can respond better to environmental forces. The analytical models used in the report to evaluate the external ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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