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Final exzam ( organazation theory - Essay Example

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Organization Theories Name Institution Background of the organization California Lutheran University is a university that was founded in the year 1959. It is located near Los Angeles at a place that houses many residents. However, the university has other off-campus centers that take care of students…
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Final exzam ( organazation theory
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Download file to see previous pages Cal Lutheran University believes that individuals who are strong in character, confidence, and judgment are able to meet global standards of work (California Lutheran University, 2012). This essay looks at some of the applications of the organization theory that are evident in the Cal Lutheran University. Organization structure Cal Lutheran University falls under the classification of a complex organization. This is because the management of the organization is beyond the ability of a single individual. Complex organizations are those whose management is beyond the ability of a single administrator because of their diverse structures. A review of the structure of the organization reveals some characteristics of Weber’s bureaucratic classical organization theory. Weber believed in the identification of work and the division of work into subdivisions. Each subdivision comes with an expected level of performance among all employees and managers who are involved. A manager or an employee in each subdivision has distinct roles and responsibilities that the organization is supposed to define clearly. The hierarchical structure of authority in Cal Lutheran University is such that all members of the administration are aware of their roles and responsibilities. ...
The vice presidents are responsible for tasks such as enrollment of new students, student affairs, administration, finance and advancement of the university among others (California Lutheran University, 2012). Cal Lutheran University has the academic branch of authority that comprises of different schools and faculties, which are under the management of different deans. For instance, there is a dean who heads the college of Arts and Sciences as well as the chair of the Faculty. Therefore, the structure of authority in Cal Lutheran University displays the characteristics Weber’s bureaucratic organization theory. The university has divided its management responsibilities into distinct categories that are under the responsibility of a manager. The managers are aware of their roles and responsibilities, which is one of the propositions of Weber’s theory. Human resources in Cal Lutheran University Human relations theories define the relationship between employees, stakeholders and the management. Most of these theories suggest that successful organizations are those that value their employees by considering their pleas and motivating them. Taylor’s theory suggests that successful organizations are those that take care of the welfare of all their employees, stakeholders and the society. McGregor theory of Y helps in explaining the expected relationship between senior management and the subordinate staff. The relationship should be in such a way that each party is not afraid of the other, which facilitates cooperation among members of the organization (Tompkins, 2010). Cal Lutheran University has employees as well as stakeholders. The stakeholders are individuals or parties that get services from the university ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Final Exzam ( Organazation Theory Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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