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Progressive HRM Strategy Enhances Company's Productivity - Thesis Example

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The paper “Progressive HRM Strategy Enhances Company's Productivity” considers this policy the best way to interact with employees: both inactive and hyperactive. The first should be punished, the last - actively promoted. Besides, it's a need to delegate duties to enhance trust and communicative…
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Progressive HRM Strategy Enhances Companys Productivity
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Extract of sample "Progressive HRM Strategy Enhances Company's Productivity"

Download file to see previous pages Motivation is acknowledged as the catalyst for enhanced production; however solely lacks within many firms due to ineffective people management and minimal inducements for the staff coupled with many discouraging practices that further de-motivate them.
One of the main tasks of HRM is assisting an employee through the life cycles processes within the organization described as HIAR or Hire, Inspire, Admire, and Retire. The manager must be less ‘manager’ and more ‘leader’, hence inspires and motivates those entrusted to lead (University of California, 2008). Clifton and Harter (2003) allege that an organization’s success is largely a function of an employee’s contentment. Patterson et al (2004), nevertheless assert that motivating individuals in organizations is principally a function of an individual’s character and the environment resident. Conventional studies maintain that well crafted organizational traditions lead to the progressive development of a company’s performance index by facilitating internal behavioral uniformity.
This research will be conducted on Tesco Plc employees at its UK superstores in view of the fact that the firm has had issues with high turnovers and staff discontent. The research methodology to be applied will be a descriptive survey design. According to Tella (2007, Pg. 8), descriptive analysis gathers comprehensive and accurate data that express a veritable fact.
The significance of motivation in organizations cannot be understated as inspired employees can critically assist in enhancing production while the reverse status can hurt the firm’s operations. The organization’s management is therefore obliged to consider the welfare of its staff to avoid resultant high turnovers and poor production effort that all lead to undue losses to the firm. Former Chrysler Inc. CEO Lee Iacocca asserted that’ management is nothing more than motivating other people’ (University of California, 2008). This research is particularly aimed at discerning the importance of non-cash incentives as motivational factors in the organization as well as deducing the most significant inducement issue. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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