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Ford - Case Study Example

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Ford Case Study Table of Contents Question 1 3 A Brief Discussion of the Strategic Issues 3 Question 2 3 Similarities and Differences between Old & New Mission Statements 3 Question 3 4 PESTEL Analysis 4 Question 4 5 Porter’s Five Forces Model 5 Question 5 6 Internal Analysis of Ford 6 Question 6 6 Corporate Strategies 6 Operational or Functional Strategies 7 Question 7 7 Leadership of Alan Mullaly 7 Question 8 7 Analysis of Ford’s Strategic Challenges 7 Question 9 7 SWOT Matrix 7 Question 10 9 Identification of the Lessons 9 Works Cited 10 Question 1 A Brief Discussion of the Strategic Issues Ford Motor Company is regarded as one of the world renowned American based multinational compani…
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Ford Case Study
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Download file to see previous pages Another strategic issue that has been recognized in the case was relating to elimination of its 4, 000 to 5000 employees in the year 2001 by employing early retirement incentive schemes with the intention of mitigating its suffered business losses (Hitt, Ireland, and Hoskisson 127-132). In the year 2006, Ford decided to cut 25,000 to 30,000 hourly jobs along with 12 percent of different management positions as a part of huge restructuring plan that can be considered as crucial strategic issue for the company (Hitt, Ireland, and Hoskisson 127-132). In the year 2006, Ford also faced certain strategic issues regarding decrease in market demand and increased competition in the international market (Hitt, Ireland, and Hoskisson 127-132). ...
It has been viewed in this similar context that each and every member of Ford was considered as an integral part on global basis. The company remained much committed towards serving the best quality brands to its customers by a significant level. Furthermore, Ford emphasized upon complying with the needs as well as desires of its valuable customers by offering them with their preferred quality products The modern vision statement of Ford has been observed to work as a team as well as serving the best quality product along with top service to its worldwide customers The earlier mission of Ford was to become the world’s largest car selling company. The company realized that it should manufacture its different products on the basis of customers’ preferences (Ford Motor Company, “Annual Report”). The modern mission of Ford is to deliver new as well as advanced products with distinct features to its customers. Giving more importance to the customer’s preferences as well as their values has been recognized to be one of its most significant missions (Ford Motor Company, “Annual Report”). Dissimilarities The earlier vision as well as mission statements of Ford was to deliver attractive facilities to its customers around the world as well as creating values among the employees in order to raise its business along with operational standards. Moreover, the early vision and mission statements of the company focused upon creating unity amid the workforce along with enhancing the company’s’ brand value and image towards the customers (Ford Motor Company, “Annual Report”). In contrast, the modern vision of Ford remains ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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