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This paper, The Ford Motor Company, declares that the Ford Motor Company is one of the oldest motor companies and it has been over 100 years. The company is basically a global organization as it has got worldwide networks. The company is driven by certain core values. …
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The Ford Motor Company
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Download file to see previous pages According to the essay findings the employees are considered the organization’s assets. They are provided with suitable job designations as per their expertise. The proper job specification helps the employees to perform well in their respective domains. There is an exhaustive training program being conducted for the employees in their respective designations with proper learning outcomes. The employees are provided with short-term objectives in their jobs and these are aligned with the long-term objective of the organization. The strengths of the employees are being focused with more emphasis on developing the area of expertise. The employees are even encouraged to track their weaknesses and convert one of their weaknesses to leverage necessary strength. The organization encourages the employees in particular domain to become the best in their domain. As the paper highlights the flat structure in the organization helps in developing a more efficient communication process in the business and there is a transparent mode of communication process across the different functional areas of the organization. The successful operation of the Ford motors is explained by the fact that the integration of ideas from different domains and different areas and the smooth flow of ideas across domains has led the Ford Motors to implement its strategies developed by the top management successfully which explains the successful operation of the organization....
tion of ideas from different domains and different areas and the smooth flow of ideas across domains has led the Ford Motors to implement its strategies developed by the top management successfully which explains the successful operation of the organization. Besides, the organization has different incentive schemes available for the employees, which boost them to perform better in their work. The incentive scheme available to the employees is very lucrative and it promotes a healthy competition for them to perform better. Besides, the organization provides enough recreation facilities for the employees and the organization monitors the process that the employees are not getting stressed. The teamwork culture is given enough attention in the Ford Motors where the team leader promotes healthy work culture in the team and boosts every team member to perform to the best of his ability in the project at hand as per the objective of the organization. There is also a huge flexibility where the employees can communicate with the senior managers at any point of time regarding any job issues and the managers provide effective solutions to the employees and also provide them with feedback such that the employees can learn from the past mistakes and there is a huge room for improvement of their work. This guides the employees to perform better day by day and slowly they become efficient in their respective domain, which ultimately drives the organization to success. The work culture and the work environment boost up the work motivation for the employees. All these together promote the successful operation of the Ford Motors and helped them to become one of the leaders in the automotive industry across the globe. (Koontz & Weihrich, 2006, pp.287-289) Group Level: Leadership: The ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Ford Motor Company

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The Ford Motor company

...Business Paper Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 Introduction 3 External Factors Analysis 4 Natural Environment 4 Societal Environment 5 Task External Environment 7 Internal Factors Analysis 10 Ford’s Strengths and Weaknesses 10 Ford’s Organisational Structure 10 Ford’s Organisational Culture 12 Ford’s Organisational Resources 13 Conclusion and Recommendations 14 References 16 Introduction The Ford Motor Company was started in the year 1903 with an initial start-up capital of 25000 US Dollars and is headquartered at Dearborn, Michigan in the United States (US). It is regarded is the second biggest...
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