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Total Quality Management of The Ford Motor Company - Case Study Example

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This paper "Total Quality Management of The Ford Motor Company" focuses on the fact that the Ford Motor Company is one of the renowned American automotive manufacturing companies operating competitively in the global market. It was incorporated in the year 1903. …
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Total Quality Management of The Ford Motor Company
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Extract of sample "Total Quality Management of The Ford Motor Company"

Download file to see previous pages Besides, the company has concentrated on vehicle safety and performed as one team to achieve automotive leadership. Moreover, for maintaining its competitive advantages, the company has focused on the satisfaction of its customers, employees and essential business partners such as its dealers, investors and suppliers among others (Ford Motor Company, 2014).

According to the observation, it can be stated that through the improvement of conventional technology and pioneering effects, Ford Motors has established its goodwill in the global market. Specifically, the company has designed fuel-efficient, hybrid performable electric motor and gas-sipping engine in order to attain consumers’ expectations. In accordance with the recent worldwide report, it has been observed that Ford Motors is the 5th largest automaker in the global market in terms of production, while the company has captured 2nd largest position in United States market (Schmitt, 2011). Correspondingly, based on the concerned case scenario, it has been affirmed that The Xerox 914 can be regarded as synonymous to quality evolution in the period of 1960s. It emerged as the pioneer in the business field of photocopiers by ensuring strong competitive advantages emanated from less competition, rising market demands and strong patents along with most important leadership with the aid of quality. The focus on total quality management practices with the inclusion of all employees as the key quality strategy brought in a sea of changes in the organizational practices which can be correlated and used as a lesson by other organizations as well (Evans & Lindsay, 2011).

The paper intends to identify the quality practices of Ford Motors to align performance excellence with its business aims. At the same time, this discussion also highlights Ford Motors’ quality management system, which focuses on meeting customers’ needs and practices to help build a customer-focused culture along with techniques to enhance the design of work processes, process control, and process improvement.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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