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Problems in Total Quality in Workplace - Assignment Example

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The reporter states that top decision makers in organizations strive to put in place the mission, strategy and goals that would guide an organization. Performance improvement professionals have increasingly input their efforts to maximize productivity and thus the performance of organizations…
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Problems in Total Quality in Workplace
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Download file to see previous pages As such, organizations look for appropriate ways to manage such dynamic turbulent conditions and win over. One of the ways to do this would be through improving quality, which Narasimhan and Kannan observe that when organizations start “improving quality, it improves everything” which in the long run makes them “stay in business” (2011, p.445). The researchers define quality as a continuous process where organizations build and sustain relationships through assessments, anticipation and fulfillment of stated and implied needs.
Over time, organizations have grown towards Total Quality, a concept that has shaped itself into a critical concept in strategic management. Total Quality refers to the attitude, culture and organization of a business entity striving to provide its customers with services and products satisfying their needs. This requires quality in all the operations of an organization with processes being executed right first time and waste and defects reduced from operations. Together with quality tools, management tools - cumulatively referred to as Total Quality Management - play a critical role in the reduction of wasteful practices and increasing business. Morfaw (2009) defines Total Quality Management as a philosophy or approach aimed at meeting the needs of customers and their expectations involving employees and managers through the application of quantitative methods that would continuously improve the products, services and processes in an organization. This combines the elements involved in both strategic management and sustainability on a single platform so as to ensure organizations survive longer. The nature of total quality makes it strategic: aims at organization’s long-term survival; perceives organizations as open systems with change as the only constant; and it is also futuristic by nature (Narasimhan & Kannan, 2011). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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