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In strategic management, there are various models in place that seek to assist companies to achieve economic feasibility. The essay "Strategic Management Of Ford Company" focuses on Ford’s strategic campaign through two such models; Porter’s Five Forces model and the Stakeholder model…
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Strategic Management Of Ford Company
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Download file to see previous pages The Ford Motor Company was founded by Henry Ford in 1903. At its incorporation, the company had twelve investors. The company has since grown and currently has ownership of Lincoln line of vehicles as well as a sizeable stake in Mazda. Ford currently ranks fourth in accordance with Forbes list of 2014’s biggest auto companies after Toyota, the Volkswagen Group and Daimler which rank first, second and third respectively. Currently, Ford sells its vehicles all over the world but its predominant market remains the United States. Stakeholder Model: FordFreeman, who is considered the “father of the stakeholder concept”, developed a number of definitions for the term stakeholder. In one, he considers a stakeholder to be any group or individual that prevails over or is prevailed upon by an organization’s operations. In another definition, he states that stakeholders are those groups that are vital to the sustenance and prosperity of a company (Fontaine, Antoine & Stefan 2006). Under the stakeholder model, a value creation concept exists that thinks of stakeholders as any person or group that increases value to an organization or, in dealing with the company, assumes some form of risk. Ford pinpoints its stakeholders through assiduous internal discussions during the inception phases of their sustainability agenda development. The company pays significance focus to its stakeholders and the value they offer it in its quest to dominate the motor industry. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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