Bringing organizational change and leadership to Ford Motor Company - Research Paper Example

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Leadership and the communication processes that are executed within the provided organizational environment have been proved by numerous evidences to be quite effective in determining the growth prospect of the organization…
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Bringing organizational change and leadership to Ford Motor Company
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Download file to see previous pages Leadership and the communication processes that are executed within the provided organizational environment have been proved by numerous evidences to be quite effective in determining the growth prospect of the organization. As stated by Quirke (2008), internal communication implemented in the working culture of an organization can work miracles when accumulated with effective leadership to turn strategies into actions (Quirke, 2008). Consequently, the aspect of leadership also plays a significant role in influencing the appropriateness and efficacy of the strategies adapted with due consideration to the internal communication. Therefore, both the aspects, i.e. leadership and communication can be stated as equally crucial in the modern perspective of business. In order to elaborate on the fact and identify the affectivity of these two most crucial aspects of modern business management, the paper shall emphasize on the organizational changes and leadership styles implied by Ford Motors. It is worth mentioning that along with several other companies and its nearest and traditional competitors, i.e. GM and Chrysler, Ford Motors also had to fight against the recent global recession. In the year 2008, the company’s status was mounted with loads of debts and down-falling sales. This global stress faced by the auto industry led the company to refurbish its balance sheets through fresh strategies and a new outlook by 2010. This amendment included the appointing of a new CEO, Mr. Alan Mulally under whose supervision the company has to follow a comprehensive organizational change in the due course of its operations (The New York Times, 2011). The example of Ford Motors and its operations have laid remarkable evidence in re-defining the impact of efficient leadership and effective communication within the organizational hierarchy. In this milieu, the paper shall object to discuss the various aspects of leadership and communication methods implied in the realistic practices of the company. Another aim of the paper is to identify the problems related to the organization and intend to conclude certain relevant strategic measures to be beneficial for the company in its further performance. Company Overview Today, Ford Motors is recognized as one of the leading automobile companies in the international market with its origination in 1903. The company is a US based multinational company incorporated with designing, manufacturing, assembling and marketing its products to a wide range of customer all around the world. The company until 2010 had more than 90 plants operating worldwide. It presently employs almost 198,000 employees (Ford Motor Company, 2009). Since 1994 the company acquired the second position in the global automobile industry. It was in the year 1999 when the company earned its record profit amounted to $7.2 billion, which was followed by the purchase of Volvo as an investment strategy in the European market. In the following year the company purchased another brand, Land Rover and incorporated a new plant named Premier Automotive Group. This expansion strategy was expected by the company’s officials to be quite beneficial in achieving extra amount of profits through rejuvenated sales worldwide. But in its realistic practices, the company faced a gradual fall both in terms of sustainability and sales. For instance, the company was facing disputes among its workers in various plants. One of its major competitors Toyota had surpassed the company in terms of annual sales in 2006 (The New York Times, 2011). It is notable that a major reason which increased the chances for such occurrences was strategic announcement made by the company to shed more than 14,000 salaried and 30,000 ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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