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Responsible Gaming Project - Essay Example

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Name: Responsible Gaming Project Casino is a centre of gambling activities. They are built near or in tourist attractions. People of age are allowed to gamble all around the world. People visiting casinos gamble their money on games such as games of chance, craps, roulette, baccarat, blackjack, and poker…
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Responsible Gaming Project
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Download file to see previous pages Many government and non government organizations have been set up to ensure responsible gaming and to research on gambling disorders and to treat them. The largest private research centre present in the United States of America is National Center for Responsible Gaming (in Washington and Boston), Nevada council on Problem Gambling in Las Vegas and Responsible Gambling Council in Ontario. In order to ensure responsible gaming, certain rules have been made. It is expected from the employees to make sure that the rules are being implemented and the public is gambling safely. It is their duty to keep a check on the gamers if they are gaming for fun or are addicted to it and have gaming disorders. Nevada Gaming Commission passed a bill regarding gamers with problems. According to it a ‘licensee’ is a person who is authorized to carry out gaming operations. A licensee is supposed to provide information and guidelines in black and white regarding the signs and consequences of being addicted to gambling. The guidelines should include the toll free contact numbers of organizations who help the gamers with their addiction approved by the chairman of the casino. These guidelines should be present in the view of all gamers, near the cash giving machines and gaming tables (Nevada Gaming Commission – Regulations 5.170). The licensee should make sure that all employees who interact with patrons in the gaming zones are trained. The training includes identification of gamers who exhibit signs of being addicted to gaming and giving them detailed information of their problems, their symptoms, and what the problems may lead to. The employee should recommend organizations who help people with gambling and tell them about suitable programs they should take to get rid of the problem The licensee should keep a check on the employees ensuring that they are carrying out the delegated tasks efficiently, and for that he can appoint a personnel who can make sure that the program is going smoothly and the employees are being trained properly. Training programs under the Nevada council on problem Gambling are taken for granted to provide sufficient training for the time period specified by under the Nevada council on problem Gambling (Nevada Gaming Commission – Regulations 5.170). Licensees involved in issuing credits of credits, checking the money, and advertising various games in their casinos by sending mails to patrons will have to put into practice a program having appropriate factors to give awareness to the patrons about drawing their lines and keeping within the limits they set for themselves and limiting their access to the licensee in charge of in issuing credits of credits, checking the money, and advertising various games in their casinos by sending mails. The vital elements of that program include the improvement of materials regarding distribution of written material among the patrons. Availability of forms which the patrons can fill out, confirming that they will be taking part in the activities offered by the program is important. Limits should be set that would not enable a patron access to cashing of checks, giving out credits and promotion of gaming. Processes that can remove the patron from contacting a licensee directly and removing him from gambling in the place allotted to that licensee and a system which the patron can report to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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