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People started coming to this area in search of gold. While they came, they brought their own games of chance with them. Abraham Lincoln the then president of America took a vigilant stand against…
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Gaming in Nevada
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Download file to see previous pages This move however failed and as a compromise penalties for gambling were dramatically reduced. Only mild fines were imposed on operators and the players were let off with the objective of preclusion. In 1909, legislation was passed by the influence of progressive movements that banned all types of gambling in the state. In 1919, the law got relaxed and the state started issuing licenses for card room games like bridge and whist. In 1920’s Reno became the gaming capital of the state. During the time of the great depression, the differences in opinion about gambling were finally settled. The Assembly passed the Bill 98 in 1931 which allowed gambling as an entertainment. This started the era of gaming industry of Nevada as we all see and experience today (History of gaming in Nevada).
Gaming has become the life blood of Nevada’s economy. The casino industry in Nevada utilizes the services of nearly 300000 workers which represent 27% of Nevada’s work force. The industry is the principal tax payer providing 46.2% of the states general fund revenue. In the financial year 2010, the industry paid nearly $2 billion in taxes to the government and the industry has become the largest donor of capital investment, community development, jobs, taxes and quality living to the people of Nevada.
The hotel and casino industries have invested nearly $60 billion in Nevada. Even in times of the latest financial crisis, the state attracted nearly 50 million visitors and its casinos earned $21 billion in revenue to keep the economy going.
The casino industry not only provides employment and taxes, but it is also engaged in lots of philanthropic activities. Millions of dollars are spent for charity and public service activities. Majority of the aid goes to the health and education sectors. In a year on an average the industry donates more than $10 million for social work. These funds are directly given to local organizations and the casino industry has ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Gaming in Nevada Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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