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Human Resource Information System - Assignment Example

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Name: University: Course: Tutor: Date: Human Resource Information System-100 Question 1 The issue of organizations trying to meet their strategic goals is such a challenging one. However, there are various ways through which organizations can effectively achieve this…
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Human Resource Information System
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Download file to see previous pages In this regard, P&G may consider using the self service portal which, acts as an access point to an organization’s HRM information (Kavanagh, Thite and Johnson 296). This would involve the use of computers, and intranet via the internet from all its 80 branches. This approach would help P&G to achieve a specific competitive position through knowledge and skills applied on HR technology (Kavanagh, Thite and Johnson 291). P&G could also utilize a shared-service center. This would help the company to focus on value creation by offering excellent services to customers while ensuring cost reduction through increased efficiency and constant improvement (Kavanagh, Thite and Johnson 291). Additionally, human resource outsourcing could also be helpful in that, it can help the P&G 80 branches to contract with internal venders of the countries they are operating to perform HR services and activities. This can help P&G both financially and strategically. Question 2 Even with so many countries and governmental organizations involved, P&G can still achieve sufficient standardization through HRIS to gain increased savings. However, this should involve a proper articulation and adherence to compliance regulations with government mandates (Kavanagh, Thite and Johnson 312). ...
Question 3 Internal customers would view the move from decentralized to centralized shared services as a good move because this will enable the provision of excellent services with greater efficiency, value generation and improved services. Additionally, moving from decentralized to centralized shared services makes customers managers in business units such as operations and marketing. Besides, such measures allow internal customers to assess the value of consolidated unit to facilitate continuous improvement by shared services centers managers (Kavanagh, Thite and Johnson 300). Question 4 Changes experienced as a result of moving from decentralized to centralized shared services can be measured from internal customer perspective. One of the ways to measure these changes involves reduction in the overall financial cost in relation to HR administrative processes (Kavanagh, Thite and Johnson 300). Since centralization of shared services aims at improvement of quality and customer satisfaction, such improvements can be assessed in terms of changes experienced in this towards this effect. Additionally, since centralized shared services ensures cost reduction in employees improved performance, therefore, employee’s retention and training costs can be another method to measure of the changes (Kavanagh, Thite and Johnson 301). It is also apparent that employee’s royalty is also ensured through productivity and morale. Therefore, this can also be one of the ways to measure the change realized as a result of moving from decentralized to centralized shared services. Question 5 P&G can utilise various measures for the administrative ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Human Resource Information System Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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