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The paper "A Human Resource Information System - Larson Property Management's Criteria of Choice" concerns factors when selecting the HRIS software - vendor neutrality, the system capabilities, user-friendliness and scalability, the reliability of the system from a client’s point of view, etc…
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Download file to see previous pages The key to a successful design of A Human Resource Information System application is to understand the essential perspectives such as the data needed and the processes to be implemented. Essentially, there is the need to focus on the impact of the data that will be collected and the analysis that will be conducted on such data. In this regard, HRIS application specialists opine that the designers of the system must determine the crucial workforce questions that need to be solved without being constrained by the data available (Howes, 2014). Additionally, data factors such as accuracy, accessibility, comprehensiveness, consistency, precision, relevancy, and timelines ought to be considered. The importance of viewing the HRIS application from a data perspective is that it guarantees that the organization will have sufficient data to help it in its daily operations. With sufficient data, the organization avoids instances of data smog and confusion within its ranks and hence is able to function efficiently and effectively.
On the other hand, HRIS may be viewed from the process perspective. In this regard, the main areas of interest include the steps followed in the conversion of raw data into meaningful information, the overall efficiency of the HRIS application, and the ease of use of the system (Chauhan, Sharma, and Tyagi, 2011). Additionally, the process perspective of the HRIS application concerns itself with whether the system will improve the decision-making process of the organization (Chauhan, Sharma, and Tyagi, 2011). Nevertheless, the designers are concerned with whether or not the system will help the management attain their desired goals (Chauhan, Sharma, and Tyagi, 2011). The importance of viewing the HRIS application from the process perspective is that it helps the management to adopt a proactive approach in conducting its routine functions. Additionally, this approach is critical in ensuring that the firm attains its desired goals through the implementation of a system that is customized according to the various needs of the organization.
There exist four types of HRIS systems, namely, operational HRIS, tactical HRIS, strategic HRIS, and comprehensive HRIS. Each of these systems is implemented by a firm based on its human resource needs.
Larson Property Management is a firm in the real estate sector that is currently run by three individuals. Therefore, a comprehensive HRIS is suitable for enabling the firm to manage its human resource operations more efficiently. The reason for this conclusion is based on the fact that it is only managed by a small workforce of three individuals. Nevertheless, the firm’s scope of geographical operation covers only a small area, that is, the eastern side of Guilford County through all of Alamance County to the Western part of Orange County (Larson Properties, 2018). Another factor that is considered for such a conclusion is the span of years in which the company has been in operation. Additionally, future factors such as business expansion are considered and in this regard, the system to be adopted shall cater for the increase in the number of employees and operations within the organization. The business activities and processes to be implemented within the Comprehensive HRIS areas discussed below. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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