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Human Resource Information System Specification and Selection - Research Paper Example

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Management Information Systems are systems which are designed to provide information which is needed for effective decision making by managers. The paper "Human Resource Information System Specification and Selection" discusses the benefits of Management Information Systems used in human resources…
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Human Resource Information System Specification and Selection
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Download file to see previous pages The MIS benefits different departments of an organization. The departments which are greatly benefited from them are Human Resource Management, Marketing Department and Finance Department. These departments now use these systems and with their help are able to perform their functions with greater ease. Efficiency and productivity of these departments have increased and the cost has been significantly cut. The small investment the organizations make in MIS is worth every penny.
The information system is a system which helps its users with information so that the user can perform his task efficiently. 1Generally the information system is a system of people, data records and activities that process the data to form information. It makes access to information easy so that it could be understood and appropriate actions may be taken on it at the right time. There are different types of information systems, for example, transaction processing systems, management information systems, decision support systems, and knowledge management systems. With the help of information technology, it is easy to handle large amounts of information and perform difficult calculations and controlling many processes simultaneously. In any business, the extent of the involvement of an information system may differ. In a small organization, a system might be doing limited data collection but in a complex organization, it might be performing a very complex task. Even if the information systems today perform complex tasks, they are easy to operate. The language of input and output is very simple and very simple and basic training can enable an employee to learn how to use the system.
An information system grows with the growth of its organization; as the organization grows more complex features are inculcated in the information system. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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