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Program Design and Development - Essay Example

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 Program Design and Development Name: Institution:    Program Design and Development Through various programs, the childhood boundary has dramatically moved in a relatively short period so that children who are legal youngsters for all reasons are considered to be adults when it comes to behavior that is associated to crime…
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Program Design and Development
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Download file to see previous pages This may be attributed to availability of weapons such as firearms and the influence of the media, more so, the social media (Ferguson, Maryam & Raskin, 2005). As a result, the injuries inflicted on the victims are truly fatal. Furthermore, many people were made angry by the juvenile system’s inability to manage or put under control violent behavior exhibited by young people. The politics of current laws of juvenile justice reforms leaves a lot of doubt about the administration. The legislators maintain that the people require policies that are tough. On the other hand, moral panics tend to disappear after a crisis. The Congress’ goal should be to move the country away from laws and policies that have failed and more often than not turned young delinquents into tough criminals to an agenda that promotes rehabilitation and mentoring. The justice system in America has for a long time categorized a vast number of offenders that are young as adults, taking their cases in courts for adults and sending them to adult prisons (Miller & Bartollas, 2007). This paper will be a design of a criminal justice program to remedy the Juvenile Justice problem in America. Delinquency Prevention Program The Delinquency Prevention Program will concentrate on the risk and protecting factors revealed to be associated with juvenile delinquency. Utilizing this method, individuals start with identifying risk factors that add on to their problem of delinquency. These factors may include negative peer influence; unemployment; drug and substance abuse in the surrounding environments; truancy; violence in the home or community; poor achievement in school; and lack of involvement by the society, family or school (Zimring, 2005). In looking at the risk factors, societies take into account a number of school, peer, community, and family factors that promote delinquency. After the identification of the risk factors, individuals in the community add to the protective factors that can help curb or minimize behaviors that are delinquent. Strategies to put forward protective factors may involve community volunteer services, academic tutoring, organized family activities, and the use of mentoring programs. The protective factors can enhance a young person’s resistance to risk. The living environment can also be enhanced through promoting social interaction that is positive, creating attachment in the society, and facilitating strong connections in the family (Shelden, 2011). From this point of view, prevention of juvenile delinquency is perceived to be cheaper than rehabilitating young delinquents. Detention Center Incarceration Program The Detention Center Incarceration Program includes a section that gives emphasis to physical work, extreme treatment and educational services, and discipline like that of the military. In addition, the program gives supervision that is intense joined with transitional and treatment services in the society. The program’s philosophy is similar to that of the Boot Camp Incarceration Program. This program is essential for the first time juvenile offenders who are seen to be needy of security by the court and arrested for nonviolent offences. The juvenile delinquents can benefit from a structured program and strictly controlled environment. School-Based Probation The School-Based probation program has a probation officer in a school premise to provide direct administration of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Program Design and Development Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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