Impact of Job Satisfaction on Staff Turnover - Literature review Example

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The paper tries to establish a link between the Job satisfaction and the employee turnover.
In order to establish the link between the job satisfaction and the employee turnover, a thorough analysis of job satisfaction and the factors affecting it are first studied.
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Impact of Job Satisfaction on Staff Turnover
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Extract of sample "Impact of Job Satisfaction on Staff Turnover"

Download file to see previous pages Nature of work is one of the primary factors which help in the development of job satisfaction among the employees. The interest level of the employees in the nature of job which is imposed by the employer guides the job satisfaction. If the employees face person role conflict, then the job satisfaction of the employees will never be high. Person role conflict deals with the fact that employees have to undertake tasks which does not suit them and they are either under qualified or overqualified for the job. The role play of an employee in the job should also provide opportunity for them to utilize their skills which they have learned over the years. The employees should be provided with autonomy in carrying out their jobs. Another important job related factor which helps in the building of the satisfaction is the clarity in the role to be played by the employees. If the employees are made clear regarding the roles which the organization expects from them in carrying out, then a significant amount of satisfaction is generated within them. Proper training regarding the jobs also helps in the development of job satisfaction among the employees as they generate confidence within them through the training process. The employee participation has been one of the crucial aspect in modern times and effective participation of employees in the decision making process of the organization generates a feeling within the employees that they belong to the organization and are an important part of it. This feeling within them in turn imbibes satisfaction regarding their job (Lee, 1991, p.9). The work pressure which an employee has to experience generates the satisfaction level within them. Often employees are dissatisfied with their job owing to the excessive job pressure which they have to face (Spector, 1997, p.24). The above study does not incorporate the factor of place of work and the ambience of the workplace which also often can raise dissatisfaction among the employees in the workplace. Pay package: Pay package is the most important criteria which dominates the level of job satisfaction among the employees. Employees always look for a better pay package and the pay package often helps in balancing the other limitation which an employee may face in an organization. The inclusion of additional facilities in the pay package helps to raise the satisfaction level of the employees and the fulfillment of the demand for increment in the salary structure makes them satisfied in their job. Other than the salary which the employees receive, often employees ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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