The Making of McDonald's - Case Study Example

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The paper gives detailed information about the research for an organization, which has been chosen here as McDonald's. The reason this organization has been chosen is that the McDonalds offers a variety of products related to fast food to its customers…
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The Making of McDonalds
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Extract of sample "The Making of McDonald's"

Download file to see previous pages McDonald’s is considered as one of the largest food chains in the world and to improve as well as boosting up their business, the company officials have to devise new policies and objectives that can enhance their performance on every aspect so that to maintain their widespread status of the largest and most reputable food chain in the world. McDonald’s is also considered the largest user of beef in Europe, which actually number 8-9000 cattle per week, which are needed to satisfy the production needs of the McDonald’s in the only UK. The company follows a philosophy of developing a collaborative approach with their clients, and they are committed to sharing the best experience with their suppliers as well as with their customers. The important part of the philosophy of McDonald’s is to keep improving in their business for which they devise new objectives which are basically modified version of the previous years’ objectives. The company is not only aimed to improve its relations with the clients and customers but also with the suppliers on the primary as well as on the secondary level. To check whether the staff is working properly and whether the company has met its revenue gains according to the predictions made, the company prepares some performance objectives, which actually mean the execution of some policies through which those objectives can be achieved via an enhanced performance in every department. The five main performance objectives of McDonald’s are as follows: Speed: this objective is required to be achieved by the management of McDonald’s because the efficiency and speediness of the staff will be the only key to improve the gains which is the ultimate goal of the management officials. Cost: another main objective of the management is to pursue such policies and regulations through which their production cost is reasonably lower. Quality: with the costs lowered, the management also seeks to improve the quality of its products as well as every other aspect such as the customer satisfaction, and customer-staff relations that are in the priority list of the company and they always seek to make a positive environment. Dependability: The Company knows it very well that without the efficient staff as well as a team of suppliers; the business of McDonald’s is not going to operate well. Therefore, the management has made it an objective to create an environment of dependability where all the individuals are working together as a team and where the concept of individuality is not existing, and that’s the only way through which the overall performance will be increased and improved. Flexibility: the staff of the organization needs to be flexible and able to do all the works, and therefore the management has made it an objective to create such an environment in which all the workers are working together and their flexibility of each of the individual workers will be jumbled up in order to make a better team run the business. The main conclusion that can be made from reviewing the 5 performance objectives of the McDonald’s is that the management has really made it an essential objective to create such a harmonic environment in which all the workers are working as a team and a coherence and team unity is established which is the main key to a better performance as well as growing business. The same approach has been also taken by Capon (2007) who has argued that the achievement of the business objectives can only be possible when the performance of the company is enhanced and that can only be achieved in an environment in which all the workers are working as a team to boost up the business in many respects. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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