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Valuing Diversity Policy - Assignment Example

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Home Hunters Policy Writing Assignment 2: Valuing Diversity Policy Name of the Writer Name of the Institution Date Submitted Valuing Diversity RATIONALE FOR THE DIVERSITY POLICY: The modern workplace of today consists of a wide variety of people from a number of different backgrounds and nationalities…
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Valuing Diversity Policy
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Download file to see previous pages All said, this can make for an interesting work experience, where anyone with an open mind, eyes and ears can learn from each other (Thiederman, 2008, 45). The variety of experiences and inputs that people bring to an organization like Home Hunters enriches its culture. As such, there is clearly a need for a policy that encourages and values, rather than stifles diversity in the workplace. This is the business imperative for diversity in the workplace. Though some regard diversity as a stumbling block, modern and expanding organizations like ours have to recognize, embrace and value diversity for what it means. A multicultural workforce working together can do so much more than another all coming from the same background, having the same beliefs and ideas and wanting to do things in the same manner from beginning to end, day in and day out. An organization is bound to stagnate and disintegrate in the absence of new ideas and new ways of doing things. Diversity also means that we look inward and outward of ourselves with a new perspective, be ready to face new challenges and create and harness new opportunities, in line with the ever-changing business scenario. We have our strengths and weaknesses, and will develop and choose strategies that give us the best chances of surviving and prospering in the marketplace. Now that Home Hunters has progressed to a national entity and the name of our company and its products and services are rapidly gaining acceptance and familiarity in a number of communities, it is imperative that we create and adopt a well considered diversity policy. Diversity is a cornerstone of equality at work, and encourages equal opportunity for all. It is anti-discriminatory because no one would be disqualified from seeking employment at Home Hunters because of his or her ethnicity, color of skin, language, religious or even sexual preferences. Diversity encourages affirmative action and equal opportunity for all. Encouraging diversity at Home Hunters would also help build and maintain competitive advantage, as problems, opportunities and strategies can be examined and evaluated from a variety of perspectives before implementation. This is the value of diversity contributing to the richness of ideas. For a prospective home owner, nothing can be sweeter than to hear a sales representative explain to him or her, the pros and cons of buying a house in a certain locality in the native language. This creates a bond between buyer and seller and can be used to sell more houses to similar ethnic groups. All this is possible with diversity, and will certainly reflect favorably on profits and revenues. IMPLEMENTATION OF THE DIVERSITY POLICY: It is one thing to value diversity, but it is another thing to successfully implement a diversity policy across an organization. It takes a lot of thought and effort to consider which aspects of company policy need to be included or excluded from the diversity initiative (Barak, 2010, 6). Other policies made earlier may also have to be revamped in the light of the diversity initiative. Once the changes have been made and the new policy created, it would have to be evaluated by Human Resources and the Policy Committee comprising of the CEO and department heads in our organization. The need for a diversity policy has also been pointed out by the Good Governance Committee as one of the hallmarks of good and efficient governance in an ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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