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Estate Management - Essay Example

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The Impact of Estate Management on the Organization’s Equalities Objectives After conducting the self-assessment questions of the SHR ( Scottish Housing Regulator), it is clear that CHA will need to accomplish the following Action Plans in order to comply with the regulations pertaining to Equality of opportunities afforded to all tenants…
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Estate Management
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Download file to see previous pages Short-Term (1-5 years) Action Plans 2. CHA must include the target of achieving 100 % tenant profile within the year in order to allow for a more thorough assessment of the organization’s performance in terms of providing Equality of Opportunities to all tenants, by the next reporting period. 3. Based on the available 81 % of Tenant Profile, there is a need to produce a set of questionnaires that will enable the Staff to gather feedback from each of the categories. The feedback ought to be about how well CHA performed the expected and prescribed services for customers. This will then result in a summary according to each category. 4. Within the first round of releasing, following up, and collecting, summarizing, the management should publish informative materials that every tenant should know so that all tenants will be aware of the opportunities made available to them by the government and CHA. This will at least give the Staff a chance to answer YES to the Self-Assessment Questionnaire that inquires if the organization has “published documents that clearly and specifically set out our commitment and approach to equalities issues” as found in the website of the SHR. However, the publication should be very careful not to communicate any hint of discrimination to any category of tenants. 5. In order to meet its moral obligation to every tenant under each category, another set of Survey Materials that are relevant to each category should be developed for the purpose of clarifying the perception or tenants. It will enlighten the management when it is able to find any discrepancy against the perception of the management concerning the way a category of tenants can be satisfied with products and services. 6. To expedite the gathering of survey results, providing restricted, online questionnaires would be a workable recommendation. Tenants should be emailed their Username and Password to access the survey questionnaires. This will prevent just anybody from being able access the private questionnaires. 7. But even before the formulation of questionnaires, the Staff should know under what category each tenant will fall under. There should be a more specific set of questions meant for each category. For example, if a tenant is gainfully employed, questions related to Equality of Opportunity may be phrased based on the assumption that the tenant can afford to spend for a higher end design, and will have options to choose loans to access. Those available financing facilities should be communicated to the gainfully employed tenant. If the tenant is unemployed, CHA can offer grants made available by the government. And the options for these people would be the more affordable designs. Equal opportunity should be defined as the relative chance to have a home that complies with the Decent Home Standards with the available means that tenants can afford to utilize. It should not be made to mean that everybody will be offered grants, since grants are limited. If the people who are employed are the tenants notified about grants and they avail of it, what can be utilized for the unemployed to refurbish their homes in order to comply with the Decent H ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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